A Condolence Message from Abdi Mohomud Omar.

Jigjiga(Cakaaranews) Saturday, 23th June, 2018. Dr. Abiy Ahmed took the highest office some sixty days before. With in short period of time, prime minister Dr. Abiyu ahmed  has gained a steady progress  and made a tremendous achievements in areas of security and development. On behalf of Somali region we are very happy for this progress.

Today a huge rally attended by thousands of addisababa citizens have taken place in addisababa. The aim of the rally was showing solidarity and welcoming the initiatives of the prime minister. Unfortunately, shortly after the prime minister spoke to the people, a bomb explosion that have shocked thousands of peoples occurred and affected lives of some peoples and some other causalities.

"I extend my heartfelt condolences to whole Ethiopian nations specially families of those who lost their life and those who were injured. I would also like to sincerely hope the early recovery of those who were injured", President Abdi said.

On behalf of my name, the name of the state-Ethio-Somali region, and the name of the ruling party-ESPDP and people of Somali region, I wish to express our solidarity with the victimized families. In this painful time, Ethiopian Somali region stands with those families who lost their beloved ones and lost their bodies lastly Somali region is determined to continuously combat heinous act including mayhem killing against Ethiopian people