The Rise Of HEEGO Youth Movement Of Somali Region

By Mohamed Abdidheere

jigjiga(cakaaranrews)Tuesday, 3, july 2018. The youth are the backbone of a society and hence they determine the future of any given society. This is because all other age groups, the kids, teenagers, middle aged and the senior citizens rely on the youth and expect a lot from them. This makes the youth to be an important age group in both today's society and the future society than other age groups. Therefore, due to the high dependence on youth in the society, we the youth have a role to play because the future of our families, communities and the country lies in our hands. Youth are expected to advance the current technology, education, politics, and peace of the country. On the other hand, youths have also to maintain the culture of our culture, all good values in the societies, development projects, etc.

For any country to succeed, it needs educated, well informed and responsible leaders. For your information, the best leaders are the youths. The youth have to correct the mistakes and shortcomings of the previous leaders and completely change the outlook of that particular society. Youth have to do away with vices like corruption, self centered and greed in leadership so as the citizens realize development, gender equity and equal allocation of resources. Youths also have to maintain virtues set by other leaders, help the society or country to achieve her visions in future. 

In case of Ethiopian Somali region youth groups had not involved in the decision making circle because of the previous governments who had ignored the role of youth. In line with this the youth of Somali region preferred to join anti peace elements rather than to participate and stand with the government. One of the main reasons behind the disconnection and deficit trust between the government and the youth was the way of leadership that they have adopted which was not supported the interest of the youth and lack of policies and strategies that can galvanize and unite the youth generation.

Fortunately enough things have changed radically when the incumbent president and a young generation who were ready to change the outlook of the region have joined the politics. With in short period of time Ethiopian Somali region joined the journey of development and ride off the car of backwardness. President abdi and his team were determined to fight for and preserve Somali regions better values.

It is no doubt that the accomplishment of the development projects and realizing of the vision of joining the middle income countries is required the participation of the youth who are the owners of the future. The current government led president abdi mohomud in Somali region gave a great opportunity for. Young educated men and women, today a young educated men and women are at the top leadership of the region. Not only educated one also the government has provided trainings to those who miss an opportunity to join higher education. Training provided is included vocational trainings.

The tremendous achievements made by the regional government have attracted many people and youth generation of the region have welcomed with open hands.  Among these one is HEEGO youth movements- a young generations who organized themselves to stand with the government and defend their region from the anti development groups who wear a shirt of clan or religion. Objectives and mission of heego youth movements is not included violating of others but welcoming everyone who is promoting peace and development also heego youth movements avowed strengthening ethiopianism, building social love and promoting unity of all Ethiopians.

Last week, heego youth movement has organized an oversized demonstration in jijiga for supporting the achievements of the prime minister dr abiyu ahmed who took the highest office the last April. With in short period of time prime minister dr abiyu ahmed has gained a steady progress. Heego welcomed warmly and pledged to stand on the side of the government.

Lastly heego youth movement will use no violence, verbal or physical toward any person. Heego will not support any type of sabotage or act to violate peace and security and development. HEEGO youth movement stands for protecting and defending the dignity, maintaining peace and security, and protecting all development projects.


Mohamed abdidheere

Jijiga ethiopia