President Abdi Mohomud Omar Is An Iconic And God-Gift Gave To Ethiopian Somali’s But Rarity To Others.

By Mohamed abdidheere

Jigjiga(cakaaranews)Tuesday, 10, July 2018. Diversity is unique and people are varying in terms of character, race, religion and clan or where they originate. Developed society accepted the diversity and work together and ignored where he/she originates or his/her clan but only focuses what he/she carries. But Somali society is an exception. Somalis give value the clan or tribe he/she belongs to, no matter how well he/she serves to his/her nation. Even if leader brings milk and honey from the sky, the Somali society does not appreciate, if the leader belongs to another clan. Contrary to this no matter how the leader devastate and undermine people’s right and dignity, if the leader belongs the same clan, Somali society would lionize and fight for that leader. This problem is unique to Somali societies.

For many around the globe and the country of Ethiopia the name “Ethiopian Somali” conjures a host of negative perceptions-from violence, chaos, corruption, nepotism, pan-somalism, and security problem. Ethiopian Somali were not different than those basking in abyss as southern Sudan’s. But things have changed when a young dedicated leader whose name is known well took the highest office of the security and justice co-ordination bureau. To the chagrin of many, that leader was none but abdi mohomud omar.   Focus, discipline, honest, integrity, confidence and vision are the main ingredients for success in life. President abdi has exhibited all these traits and the reward has been political milestone.

For me I am not an agent for the incumbent president or belongs the same clan with the regional leader or awarded a contract or such a thing. President abdi mohomud is my president and I can never do justice to express how much I indebted his legacy and miracle achievements. Without doubt president abdi mohomud is a well respected politician whose political philosophy has made rich and great in Somali politics and the architect of enacting the salvation plan of liberating the region from the anti peace elements and implementing the mega development projects like dams, bridges, basic services and so on.

It is hard or rather impossible to scoop a handful of sea water and call it a ‘sea” or to unfurl a sheet of clothing and call it a “land.” Such is the president abdi’s legacy of achieving tremendous achievements and gaining steady progress in areas of development and security. President abdi determined to fight for and preserve somali’s better values and he stressed his determination not to let devils divert somali region from the path of development and stability.

President abdi’s history and legacy is filled with examples of achieving the impossible. President abdi has a can-do attitude. In line with this Ethiopian Somali region was the first and only region that built a modern airport from it is own budget. Rip-cutting of alale gas and oil project is another concrete example. If that is not enough, one could never ignore the housing projects that were built in the former military camp.

President abdi mohomud omar-who inadvertently served as the very medicine that Somalis have been searching for in vain has three qualities that are unique to the few of us. President abdi mohomud omar is one such endowed with magnanimity and benevolence, bravery, and piety. One gets these qualities either through a well-organized upbringing environment, or by virtue of god’s gift. President abdi mohomud was given all those attributes because of both factors.

For those Ethiopian Somali politicians who failed to move the region forward, president abdi’s success and gaining respect from the public shows that political leadership should be an open and fair process for all citizens regardless of clan and gender.

President abdi mohomud omar never ceased to amaze the public, as a Somali pastoralist said once “he who meet with you would never fail to meet a new thing”. Today as of 10 July, 2018 took one of the historical and remarkable stride ever done by a Somali politician. All the prisoners of central jail of Ethiopian Somali region were pardoned by the government and released, fortunately enough to night they re-unite their families and the compound of the central jail of Somali region has converted into a mosque or masjid. One could not fail to see or read happiness from the face of the close relatives of the released prisoners.

In nutshell, president abdi mohomud omar represents what is good about patriotism, nationalist, honest, integrity, confidence, benevolence, and piety. His decency and conviction to serve his nation and enhance their living standard always makes his politics great. President abdi mohomud omar is to Somalis what muttamar gandi and nelson Mandela to India and south Africa respectively.

Despite I can’t put rightly the words that I can express his (president abdi) good natural personality and his open heart to everyone irrespective of clan, gender or age I can conclude by saying president abdi mohomud omar is an iconic and god-gift gave to Ethiopian Somalis but rarity to others.

By Mohamed abdidheere

Jijiga ethiopia