Sagal Dolal: Prospects of Hope for the Ogadenian People

I would like to congratulate the conference in USA, Minneapolis that took place on the 4th of July 2010. In addition I congratulate the organizers of the conference and for their hard work in arranging a venue for a peaceful discussion about the people of Ogadenia and their plight. Also I would like to congratulate the many people that came and took part, because without them there would be nothing to talk about. Ogadenia is still alive because of the many people aboard, which contribute their time and energy to bring the problems of Ogadenia out in the open. We need to help those that are less fortunate then us, in whatever way we can.

The people of Ogadenia need us to support them and find ways in solving the problems of Ogadenia. Ultimately the problems back home are our problems even though we may not live there we still feel the pain when a loved one is murder. The problems of Ogadenia still affect us whether we like it or not. It is our duty to do what we can with the resources that are available to us, in time we will solve the major difficulties that our people face. The Minneapolis conference is just the beginning in the discussions about the future of Ogadenia and how we will deal with our new relationship with Ethiopia. I thank the speakers of the Minneapolis conference and the many people that made it possible to have such a large venue. Furthermore I thank the media that came and was able to broadcast it and make the event international noticed. I cannot thank the organizers enough because without them I would not be writing this article.

I hope that you try to keep up the good work and create a good role model for the youth of Ogadenia all around the world, so that they look back in history and see that their elders did something to help the people of Ogadenia.

The people that died for the Ogaden people are looking at us now and seeing what we are doing and if it is genuine. I know that it is difficult to tell the people that are doing this for the right reasons and not for glory and praise, but if we let those that we know are corrupt and dangerous speak on our behalf then we are in for another assassination like Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal. We ought to protect the ONLF that are fighting for a more peaceful Ogadenia and not let people like Mohamed Omar Osman, Abidrahman Mahdi, Mohamed Ismaali and Cadaani Hiromogee corrupt our people and talk on our behalf anymore. I hope with all my heart that some good comes of this nightmare that I can at least say that my father died for something. It is up to the people of Ogadenia to say loud and clear what they want and it is up to us to listen to it and act accordingly. Many men, women and children have died and for what, so that Mohamed Omar Osman can use the ONLF as his stepping stone to a more comfortable life. They did not die for that! The people of Ogadenia know what has been happening in Ogadenia the last 18 months and those that refuse to listen or even look for themselves at the evidence for whatever reason are lying to themselves. The core values of the ONLF have been broken by a few and it is our responsibility to continue with our main goals and give Ogadenia the peace it so needs. I wish that my father could be with us now and help us with the process of this new direction, but we cannot always get what we wish for and so must do what we can by ourselves. Those that new Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal will now remember what he use to say to us, now is the time to hold on to those words and let it give you energy, motivation and peace.

I have been struggling with the murder of my father for 18 months and it gets worse everyday, but to know that there are so many people out there doing such good work is a comfort to me and I thank you all for doing such wonderful work and I hope that the people of Ogadenia live a life of peace.

I would like to ask the Ogaden people that are in Ogadenia or aboard to help me find the remains of my father. I know that Mohamed Omar Osman did not carry my father’s dead body on a camel to Eritrea, so it must be in Ogadenia. If someone suspects that they have found an unmarked grave and have enough evidence to suggest that it could be the remains of my father then I urge you to inform me and I will get the necessary forensic tests done to identify the remains.

We as of yet are not sure when exactly dad was killed but we think that it was the 17th of January 2009. Already we have had the first anniversary of his death and there will be more to come. It has been an up hill struggle trying to find out what happened and who was responsible for my father’s death. As I have previously written in my other articles, my search has led me to believe that the former chairman of the ONLF Mohamed Omar Osman, Abidrahman Mahdi, Mohamed Ismaali and Cadaani Hiromogee organized the assassination of my father. The circumstances surrounding my fathers murder is full of mystery and lies, the fact that the Ethiopian government has told me that they were informed of Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal’s death tells me that they are not the ones responsible for his murder. In addition when I asked the Ethiopian government whom told them that my father was murder, they didn’t reply. So I ask the Ethiopian government if there is going to be a new relationship between Ogadenia and Ethiopia then this problem needs to be solved. I speak directly to the Ethiopian government either you know where my father is or you don’t, but make it official and stop these men hiding behind you.

Mohamed Omar Osman, Abidrahman Mahdi, Mohamed Ismaali and Cadaani Hiromogee are not very bright men and thought that we are like them; unfortunately for them we are much smarter. They said that Ethiopia kill my dad but would you not think that if someone killed your father then they ought to at least know where his body would be. Furthermore why would Ethiopia want to keep Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal’s body? It does not make any logical sense and also dad had an interview on VOA on the 26th of December 2008, he told the journalist that these men were trying to kill him and destroy the ONLF. Now I am no detective but I have watched enough police dramas to know that you at least question the man that are been accused and not dismiss it because he is your uncle or you are from the same clan. My father cared about the people of Ogadenia and if he was alive and something like this had happened he would at least investigate it to find out the truth.

I hope that the discussions about the future of Ogadenia will at least involved the search for Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal’s remains and to give us some sort of closure. We need to put this tragic time in our history to rest and it will not happen if we do not look and ask the necessary questions.

I send my deepest thanks to the many people that were involved in the Minneapolis conference as this is how we are going to make a difference to our own lives and those of the Ogaden people for many generations to come.

Sagal Dolal

Sheekh Cabdullaahi Cumar Nuur oo Culimada Degaanka Soomaalida Ugu Baaqey Iney Waddanka Yimaaddaan

نداء عاجل الي العلماء

الحمد لله رب العالمین والصلاة والسلام على نبینا محمد وعلى آلھ وصحبھ وسلم تسلیما كبیرا .وبعد السلام علیكم ورحمة الله وبركاتھ

ھده رسالة نوجھھا إلى العلماء في المھجر وغیرھم لیعودوا إلى البلاد ، فإن المنطقة الصومالیة في إثیوبیا عانت بالتأخر والتخلف في جمیع المیادین بسبب السیاسات المتعنتة من قبل الحكومات الإثیوبیة السابقة المتعاقبة ، وأكبر میدان في التخلف كان في الدین والدعوة إلى الله لأن أصحابھ اختاروا الھجرة ورحلوا عن المنطقة والبعض اختار الجھاد وبھدا تركوا جمیعا الدعوة ونتیجة لدلك تخلفت الدعوة وقل التدین ومعرفة العلم الشرعي وكادت أن تندرس معالم التدین في المجتمع إن لم نتدارك الآن .

والآن وبعد الصلح الذي تم بین الجبھة الموحدة للصومال الغربي وبین الحكومة الإثیوبیة قد تحسن الوضع والحمد لله وتنفست الدعوة من الضغوط السابقة بسبب الاتفاق بین الطرفین .لھدا ندعو علماء المنطقة المتواجدین في المھجر وخاصة المتواجدین في صومالي لاند وبونت لاند وكینیا ، وغیرھم من المغتربین أن یعودوا فورا إلى بلادھم الآمنة لیشاركوا في العمل الدعوي الدي سینشط في المنطقة بعد عودة العلماء والدعاة ان شاء الله .قال الله تعالى ) :وأنذر عشیرتك الأقربین (وقال أیضا ) :وأمر اھلك بالصلاة واصطبر علیھا . (فیا أیھا العلماء والدعاة فإن أھالیكم وأمھاتكم وإخوانكم وعشیرتكم بأمس الحاجة إلى من یعلمھم أمور دینھم ویفقھھم في الإسلام فھم أولى بالتعلیم والتربیة وإن كنا لا ننتقص من جھودكم المباركة في تلك المناطق.

فاقتداء بالنبي صلى الله علیھ وسلم حیث جمع قریشا بعد نزول قولھ تعالى )وأنذر عشیرتك الأقربین (وقال لھم :یا بني عبد مناف یا بني ھاشم یا بني عبد المطلب إلى أن ختم بفاطمة بنتھ وقال لھم :انقذوا أنفسكم من الله فإني لا أغني عنكم من الله شیئا .(نقول لكم عودوا إلى بلادكم وساھموا في العمل الدعوي الذي ھو أوجب من ذي قبل نظرا لزوال بعض الأعذار فاتقوا الله في أھلیكم وإنقاذھم من النار .قال النبي صلى الله علیھ وسلم لعلي ) :لأن یھدي الله بك رجلا واحدا خیر لك من حمر النعم . (

وقد بدأ كثیر من الناس العودة إلى المنطقة یستفیدون الأمن الذي حدث في المنطقة فلا یسبقنكم عامة الناس وبادروا بالعودة ، كل واحد ما معھ من علم ومال وحكمة وخبرة حتى نشید البناء من جدید وننفع أنفسنا وأمتنا . ونحن بانتظار تلبیتكم لھدا النداء وردكم الإیجابي لھده الدعوة.

وفقكم الله .

والسلام علیكم ورحمة الله وبركاتھ

الشیخ عبد الله عمر نور

2010 م \6\ 4 من رجب 1431 ھ الموافق 16

Ogaadeen ahaan oo Salaadii Jimcaha La iigu Diiday in Aan Muslimiinta La Tukado‏

Dhaayahaaga oo Dhul Badan Maraa Geel Dhalaayana Waa Ku Tusaan.


Waxaan ahaa 13 jir habeenkii aan Ilaahay amarkii ku riyooday ruux ii soo galay oo i yidhi "Tuko salaada". Illaa maanta alxamdulilaah waan tukadaa,walina Alle ima tusin Jin iyo insi wax salaada waswaas iga galiya. 15 jir ayaan ahaa  maalintii aabahay Alle ha u naxariisto (dhowaan ayaa Hargaysa lagu dilay) uu i yidhi "Aabo waad qaan gaadhay Soonkiina waa kugu waajib noqday ee bilaw".

Shalay oo taariikhdu ahayd maalin Jimce ah 06/03/2010 ayaan u dhaqaaqay dhankaas iyo salaadi Jimce. Masaajid ka mid ah kuwa ugu waaweyn, hadii uusanba ahayn kan ugu wayn dalka Jarmalka magaalada Duisburg xadka Jarmalka uu dalka Holland la leeyahay. Masjidkaasoo ay maamulkiisa hayaan walaalo Turki ah.

Banaanka shishe ee masjidka ayaan ku kulmay 3 Ameerikaanka madaw ah oo dhawaan muslimay oo aanu aad u saaxiib nahay iyo 2 Naajeeriyaan ah. Salaan qaaliya kadib gudaha maasaajidka ayaan u sii ruqaansannay.  Irrida kolkaan joognno ayaa sheekh ka mid ah masuuliyiinta masjidku uu gooni iila baxay. Salaan ayaan u taagay. Waa naxdine, gacantii ayuu dib u ceshaday, hadal boobsiis ah oo cadho kulul  xanbaarsanna igu yidhi “Du Darf Nicht Bei Uns Hier Betten!” oo af Jarmal ah micnihii “Nagulama Tukan Kartid Masjidkan!” Kolkaasuu inta i tukhaan-tukhiyay, ii sii raaciyay “Bitte Gehen Bevor Was Basiert!” Micnihii “Fadlan, iska tag intaysan wax dhicin!”

Alla naxdin waynaa. Kol waan yax-yaxay. Kolla waan cadhooday. Kolna yaab iyo amakaag ayaan af labadii dhowaaqay, oo aan idhi "ma diirrka madaw ayaanan Ilaahay ugu tukan karin Bilaal ba wuu madoobaaye?" "Maya wuu tukaan karaa" ayuu yidhi "kuwa kula socdaaba waa madaw, balse midabkaaga furan (maariin casaan xiga) iyo san-qaroorka kugu yaal waxaad caddaynayasaa inaad Ogaadeen tahay".

Walaalihii Maraykanka iyo Naajeeriyaanka ayaa qudhoodu u qaatay in meesha laysku midab takooraayo, oo aad u xanaaqay, buuq iyo sawaxan aysan filaynin maamulka masaajidku ayaa cirka isku shareeray. Dadkii horay masaajidka u buuxiyay gudihiisa ayaa dibada u soo yaacay. Iyadoo lays yidhi cunsuriyiinta muslimiinta neceb ayaa masaajidkii soo weerartay. Nin waliba wuxuu u soo diyaar garoobay in uu dagaalka jihaadka ah ka ajar doonto. Kolkii uu maamulkii masjidku arkay in talo faraha ka sii baxayso, ayay iga codsadeen in aan xafiiska u raaco. Hase yeehee walaalihii Maraykan iyo Naajeeriyaan ayaa diiday in kaligay luuq la ila galo.

Culumadii Turkiga ayaa iyagoo ka cadhaysan Ogaadeenimadayda (malahooda), iyo meesha buuqa ka dhacay oo ay aniga dusha iga saarayaan, illeen hadii aanan jireenba dhibkan maanta muuqdaa madhaceene. Waxay yidhaahdeen iyagoo walaalihii ila socday u muujinaaya in xaalku uusan ahayn sida ay moodayaan ee midab takoor eh, “Ninkani waa nin Ogaadeen ah ,Ogaadeenna tiraba sadex goor ayay na xadeen.” Iyagoo hadalka sii wada ayay culimadu yidhaahdeen, “Intay noo yimaadeen ayay nagu yidhaahdeen, “waxaannu nahay dad muslimiin ah. Waxaa na gumaada, gabdhahayaga kufsada, horumar noo diiday, inaanu diintayada caabudno noo diiday, gaalo Ethiopia la yidhaa. Waxaanu nahay ONLF. Waxaannu doonaynaa in nala caawiyo.”

Waxaanu siinnay kol 10.000 US$ kolla 7000 US$. Aakhirkii waxaannu ogaannay in ay lacagtaas aanu siinay iyaga dhexdoodu ay isku laayeen, Jarmalka dhexdiisa qaybsigeedii, oo ay mukhaadaraad Jaad la yidhaa ku cuneen, Culimada Turkiga waxay sheegeen in “iyaga dhexdooda ayuun baana, isa soo jaajuusay. Sidaas darted, maamulka muslimiinta ee masjidka wuxuu go’aansaday “No Ogaden in the Mosque!” “Masjidka Ogaadeen waa ka mamnuuc!”

Walaalihii dagaalka igula jiray ayaa anigii i eegi kari waayay, balse waxaan u sheegay in aanan ogaadeen ahayn. Waxayse iigu darreen nimankii Turki in Abaskuusha aan u sheegtay waligoodba may maqal. Kolkii aan u sheegtay Reer Jigjiga ayaba mindidii sii soofaysteen oo yidhaahdeen “Aalow caqliga hanaga qaadin!! Miyaanaan ku garanin! Nooga bax masjidka khaa’inyahoow! Cibaadada hanaga nusqaaminine!”

Walaaladii madoobaa ayaa meesha iga kaxeeyay oo i geeyay Masaajid ay leeyihiin qolyo Albaaniya ah. Alla naxdin iyo waji gabax waynaa. Tiina sidii iyo si ka daran ayaa igu dhacday. Waxaa laygala hor yimid, “noo tuugsi, hadhow tana mukhaadarada sadaqada aan bixinnay lagu iibsado.”

“Shalay maan tukanin salaadii Jimce, waxaanan eersaday dhiigga aan la wadaago Ogaadeen.”

Salaadii kadib ayaan labadii masaajidba maamulkoodi la xaajooday waxaanan ka dhaadhiciyay micnaha ONLF iyo ayaan-darada ay shacbigayaga ku hayaan, kufsiga ay gabdhahayga badaan, boobka ay agoontayada ku dhigaan, carqaladaynta joogtada ah ee ay horumarka shacbiga tiigsanaayo ku hayaan, qaraxyada ay iskuulada ka gaystaan, jid-gooyada ay safraha reer miyiga ku dhigaan.

Waxaan u sheegay in aan dhiig ahaan wadaagno, balse ONLF ay tahay jin iyo shaydaan malahayga shacbigayga ilaahay ku imtixaamaayo. Ma aan ahi Ogaadeen, balse waxaan maamulka labadii masaajid ku guulaystay in aan ka dhaadhiciyo, in 98% shacbiga Ogaadeenku xallaal yahay, ee uun 02% tuugta Ilaahay xadhigiisii ka furtay ee meel walba nusqaanta la joogtaa yihiin ONLF isla markaana ay iska ilaaliyaan.”

Sidii ayaa inkastoo salaadii i dhaaftay xaal laygu siiyay lacag gaadhaysa 1300 US$ oo aan kolkii danbe qaarkeed celiyay. Waxaayna  labada maamul ee masaajidda  haatan ballan ii dhigeen si aan war bixin guud iyo sawirka dhabta ah ee ONLF iyo waxa dhabta ah meesha yaalla uga siiyo 25 bishan March.

Faallo: budhcada UBO Maxaa la Gudboon Mar Haddii Nabad iyo Xasilooni Timaaddo?

Tan iyo intii wada hadalku u bilawdey dawladda Ethiopia iyo UWSLF isla markaana shacabka dal iyo dibadba ay aad usoo dhaweeyeen waxaa isa soo taraya culeyska siyaasadeed ee garbaha ka fuulaya budhcada Ubo gaar ahaan masuuliyiinta ugu sareysa kuwaasoo ah cidda masuuliyadda iska leh waxii budhcada u hagaaga iyo waxii ka xumaadaba. Qormadeyda waxaan ku falanqayn doonaa waxyaabaha la gudboon Ubo mar haddii UWSLF heshiiskoodii midha dhalay ilaa iyo hadda.

Go'aanka UWSLF

Inta la xasuusto taariikhda waddanka waa go'aankii ugu wanaagsanaa ee urur ka dagaalama waddankaasi qaato isagoo u daneynaya shacabka deegaanka dal iyo dibadba. Talaabadan oo ahayd mid geesinimo ah ayuu budhcadu go'aan taariikhi ah ku qaatey isla markaana dareemey in xalka umaddu uusan xabad ku jirin taasoo illaa iyo hadda damaasheedkeedii dunida laga dareemayo.

Wanaagga ururka UWSLF ayaa ah iney yihiin urur lagu aamino karo qawlka ay galaan isla markaana ay wada go'aansadeen iyadoo aysan jirin cid ururka kamid ah oo dibadda ka joogta ama kasoo horjeedda heshiiska. talaabadan geesinimada leh waxey Ethiopia iyo maamulka Kililka dhaxalsiisey iney dhankoodana aaminaad weyn bixiyaan taasoo keentey in muddo yar gudahood la is dhexgalo sida ka muuqata sawirada naga soo gaadhay gobolka.

Illaahay La Kala Baryi Og, Erayna La Kala Odhan Og

Dhawr jeer ayay saxaafaddu wareysatay madaxda Ubo iyo madaxda UWSLF. Dhanka UWSLF warka kasoo baxa waxuu noqdey walaaladeen Ubo waxaan ugu baaqeynaa heshiiska iyo nabadda iney nala qaataan. Dhanka Ubo waxaa kasoo yeedhay waa tuugo aan waddanka ka jirin wayna is dhiibeen. Dadka shacabka ah ee dhageysanaya dal iyo dibadba waxey qiimaynayaan hadalka labada dhinac kasoo baxa. Qof walaalkii wanaag la doonaya iyo mid walaalkii cay iyo xumaan u haya.

UBO Maxaa La Gudboon

Meel aad hadda la siman tahay haddaad orod ku dhaafto adigoo og kana maarmin waxaa la arkaa inaad 10 sano kadib soo marto. Ubo fursado badan ayaa soo maray oo ay ugu danbeysay middiii guurtida Ogaadeenya ee Yurub iyo Maraykanka ay tageen kuwaasoo Ubo ay si xun ula dhaqantay. Dhanka kale maanta Deegaanka waxaa ka jira ciidamo aad u hubeysan oo deegaanku leeyahay kuwaasoo awood badan u leh iney Ubo ugu galaan meel walba.

Dagaal sii socda waxuu keenayaa uun wiilal yaryar oo lagu laayo iyo hooyooyin gablama waxaana haboon in Ubo ay ka fikirto talaabada xigta isla markaana ay ay u istaagaan sidii ay heshiiskan iyo xabad joojinta ugu biiri lahaayeen iyagoo walaaladood garabka saaraya.

Haddii UBO Dhaga Adeygto!

Maamulka Kililka waxaa ka go'an iney soo af jaraan dhaqdhaqaaqa Ubo haddii aan nabad lagu soo dabaalin waxaana arintaas makhraati u ah dagaaladii ugu danbeeyey iyo sida ciidamada Liyuu Boolisku ay meel kasta u tagi karaan iyagoo isticmaalaya awood ciidan iyo mid dhaqaale, aqoon dhuleed iyo Afkooda Soomaaliga ah.

Abuuritaanka Jaaliyada Deegaanka Soomaalida

Waxaa dhakhso bilaabanaya dareen ah abuuritaan jaaliyaadka Soomaali Galbeed ama Soomaalida Ethiopia ee dibadaha kuwaasoo si toos ah ugu xidhmi doona dalkii hooyo. Waxaa dhanka kale bilaaban doona in qurba joogta deegaanka u dhalatey ay si xad dhaaf ah ugu qulqulaan waddankii iyagoo fasax walba caruurtooda iyo naftoodaba geyn doona.

Arintani waxey soo dhaweyn doontaa xidhiidh toos ah oo dhex mara jaaliyaadka iyo dalkii hooyo waxayna halis ku tahay jiritaanka Ubo. Ma jiri doono warar la iska sameeyo oo dibadaha imaan doona dadkuna iyagaa si toos ah warkooda u heli doona Insha Alaah


Talada ugu danbeysa ee u taalla Ubo waxey tahay haddii aad marar badan ku khaldanteen go'aan siyaasadeed waa inaad hadda ka fikirtaan si dhab waxii aad yeeli lahaydeen ee dadka iyo umaddaba dan u ah isla markaana magaca iyo muunada budhcada u roon. Haddii taladaasi socon weydo, Ubo laftigeeda ayaa kala tashan doonta oo waxaa dhab ah in qaarkood ay go'aansan doonaan iney heshiiskaas wax ka qaataan taasoo keeni doonta saddex garab oo Ubo.

Qabiil Qaran Ma Noqon Karaa, Qowmiyadiisana Ma Quudhsan Karaa?

Haddii aan nahay guud ahaan dhammaan ismaamulka xukuumadda Dowladda Degaanka Soomalida ee ka tirsan Dowlad wadaagga xukuumadda Federaalka Itoobiya, waxaa markhaati ma doonta ah inaan dib uga dhacnay 19kii sanadood ee aan xorta ahayn dadaalkii loogu jiray horumarinta dhaqan dhaqaale ee shakhsi walba oo wadaniga ah xaqa uu u lahaa haddii ay noqoto horumarinta arrimaha aasaasiga bulshada, sida waxbarashada, caafimaadka, ka faa’idaysiga beeraha iyo xoolaha nool, markii naloo eego qowmiyadaha kale ee ku dhaqan waddankeenna Itobiya sababa jira awgood oo ay abuureen koox yar oo dana gaar ah leh iyo mid shakhsiyeedba. Kuwaas oo iminka ay u egtahay inay meesha ka baxday.

Hase ahaatee haddii aan u soo noqdo qodobadaan ka hadlayay aan u kala saarno saddex qodob oo mid walba aannu ka dhex heli karno jawaabihii su’aalihii aan isa soo weyddiinay ee kor ku xusnaa.

I. QARAN:-  Wuxuu ka koobnaan karaa Qowmiyad qudha ama Qowmiyado isu tagay, oo meel wada degan kuna heshiiyey dastuur/shuruuc ay kuwada noolaadaan, waxna ku qabsadaan, dan qudhana wadaaga oo ay dhammaantodba dan ugu wada jirta dalka iyo dadkaba.

II. QOWMIYAD:- waa dad/bulshooyin meel ka soo wada jeeda oo isku isir, isku dhaqan, isku af ah oo Rabbi meel isugu wada keenay, iskuna qasban inay danahooda ka tashadaan waxna kuwada qabsadaan, kuna noolaadaan si xushmad iyo nabdooni ku jirto oo ay weliba dalkooda iyo dadkooduba dani ugu jirto.

III. QABIIL:- Qabiil waa qaab dhismeed jiritaanka Qawmiyad meel ku wada nool qaybaheeda hoose ee ay u kala baxday, waxayna u sii kala baxdaa jilib- jilib/laf-laf, reer-reer degaanadooda iyo degmooyinkooduba u kala gaar ah haddii ay doonaan isku baad biyo ba wadaagi kara. Dhaqan ahaanna taariikh soo jireen ah lahaan jiray oo xeerar wanaagsan isku dhaqi jiray iskuna hoggaamin jiray qarniyadii hore, saamayn weynna ku leh bulshooyinkeenna xoola dhaqatada ah dhexdooda.

Marka aan ka eegno dhanka wanaagsan sida aynu aaminsan nahay waa in la isku garto sida sumadda xoolaha meel un loogu astaameeyo, oo waxaa kale oo ka mid in la isugu gurmado haddiiba colaadi, abaaro/aafooyin dabiici ah soo food saarto reer ama jilib ka mid ahaan dadkaa.

Haddaba hoos aan u eegno qarnigan casriga cusub ee dadweynaha adduunka ay ku jiraan ee ah qarniga 22aad, ma la saan qaadi kartaa ku dhaqanka qabyaaladda? Tusaale ahaan, taariikhda dhow maxay inaga baraysaa!

Qabyaalad baa aabba u ahayd burburkii ku dhacay waddanka aan deriska nahay ee Soomliya. Qabyaalad baa aabba u ahayd gumaadkii ba’naa ee ka dhacay waddanka Rwanda.Qabyaalad baa aabba u ahayd dhibkii gaaray Liberia, Searalone seraleon. Qabyaalad baa aabba u ah kan ka taagan Kongo-Zair, maxaa ka taagan yemen? Haddii aan u soo noqona qofka caadiga ah ee ka tirsan bulshadeenna ku dhaqan  ama ka soo jeeda meeshuu doonaba ha ku noolaade DDS wuxuu u baahan yahay marka hore inuu isu arag dadka kale inuu ka qabiil wanaagsan yahay, ka tiro badan yihiin reerkooda kuwa kale kana caqli wanaagsan yihiin inta kale oo aysan jirin reer ka wanaagsan reerkooda markii reeraha oo idil la isbarbar dhigo. Markaad dhex gashid dadkeenna guud ahaan waxaa inta badan dhegahaada ku soo dhacayo “War ma anigoo reer hebel ah/ina hebel ah ayaad ila hadli kartaa ama ka hadli kartaa meel aan joogo” war haddaba su’aasha loo baahan yahay in jawaab wax ku ool ah loo helo, una baahan in laga dhaadhiciyo bulshaweynta ku nool DDS oo weliba u baahan in laga wacyi geliyo aaminidda aragtida khaldan ee ku aadan qabiil keliya ee koox yar oo budhcad ah ku qowlaysato, danna aysan ugu jirin noloshooda iyo nolosha caruurtoodaba iyo jiilka soo socdaba. Ku dhaqanka qabiilka casrigan la joogo wuxuu aasaas u yahay dib u dhaca aannu uga dib dhacnay qowmiyadaha kale la jaan qaadidoodii hore iyo weliba dhib badan oo aan la soo koobi karin, haba ugu badnaato xagga nabadgelyada shakhsiga caadiga uu xaqa u leeyahay inuu helo.

Waxa kale uu carqalad ku yahay kobcinta horumarrinta geedi socodka ku aadan isbedelka ka socda waddankeenna ayna horseedka  u yihiin wiilasha hoggaamiya Xisbiga Dimoqraadiga Soomaliyeed ee  DDS.

Cidwalba oo wadani ah dibad ama gudaba meeshuu doonno ha joogee waxaa waajib muqadas ah ku ah inuu taageero, lana shaqeeyo maamulkan xorta ah ee iminka jira ee ay ka go’an tahay inay sameeyaan dib u habayn iyo horumarinta shacabkooda. Waxaan ka codsanayaa shakhsi walba oo akhriya maqaalkan inuu ka waantoobo kana fogaado ku dhaqanka qabyaaladda.

Jermiska cudurka qabiilka ku jira ayaa dhaliyay inaan isku meerasno 19kii sanno ee aanu xorta ahayn markii laga reebo sanadkii tagay oo ay maamulka la wareegeen dhalinyaro maskaxdoodu uusan galin cudurkan. Maxsuulkii ka soo baxayna intii yarayd waan aragnaa mirihii wanaagsanaa ka soo baxay, rajo iyo hiddidiilo ayayna geliyeen dhammaan shacabkeenna inta sida wanaagsan u fikirta gudaha iyo dibadabada. War nin walboo qoodigaada si wanaagsan u qodo! Oo weliba ka aan qodan karin ee tabarta yar guus ugu bax. Reer waxba kuu qaban maayee!

Roberto khaakheey caruurta beenta ha u sheegin cafiskana wuu kuu furan yahay!