A Disgrace Dictator And His Disgracfull Supporters In Eritrean Diaspora

Since the UN announced the smart sanction against Eritrea on December 23, 2009, opinions were formed and flooded the Eritrean web-sites. Some argued the sanction will hurt the country while others argued this sanction is/was directed to the government officials and has nothing to do with the nation. In the meantime, the regime positioned itself to exploit the situation and called its diehard and blind supporters around the world to stand against the sanction and hold demonstration on several western cities. And so, the rogue regime started mobilizing and dispatching its disgraced cutup Drs and professors to agitate their blind followers, attaching the UN decision; even invoking the decision that goes all the way back to that of the 50’s, implying the US and the West always victimize Eritrea.

The past weeks were like repeating and living the history of 50’s all over again – being pro or against. This time, there was Kinijit, Meskerem.net, Alenalki, Dehai, Shabait.org and others on the side of demonstration, advertising and agitating people to participate and to make it a success. Meskerem.net went even further by telling its readers that it’s their constitutional right and that anyone who dares to stand against them is like going against the US constitution. What a mockery! As if our people back at the homeland are living under constitutional rule of law. And then there was the silence of those “united under Ali Salim”, taking neither side on the issue of demonstration, but who, in earlier months, invested their resources bashing and trashing the democratic parties of the oppositions and were so good in polarizing the country in lowland vs. highland division, both geographically and religiously, tearing down the long standing tradition and fabric of our culture of unity and tolerance from their comfort zones, behind their key boards, simply to satisfy their egos.

On the other side there were the people’s web-sites like Harnnet.org, Asmarino.com, Assenna.com and Togoruba.org, objectively analyzing that no one will benefit from this demonstration except the dictator to elongate his stay on power to strangle our people, and so politely and kindly asked the Diaspora people to refrain from attending this misguided demonstration and to stand alongside their oppressed people. At any rate, the demonstration has come and gone. At a time when the Eritrean people are in dire need of support from their kin abroad to free themselves from the tyranny breathing down their neck, those soulless, heartless Diasporas, from their warm comfort of their homes in the United States, have been ranting to save the Dictator from his shameful outlook and failure to deliver prosperity, liberty and freedom that the people yearned for since independence. It’s sad to witness these self-centered opportunist Eritreans in Diaspora out there in the streets of the western cities telling the world their stupid, ignorant and insane leader, as was just heard in Al Jazeera with Jane Dutton, was not to be blamed and that the Eritrean problem doesn’t deserve UN sanction. There is no doubt that these PFDJ supporters in Diaspora, who devoted their time, energy and money to attend the demonstration to serve this dictator and save him from shame, will be remembered as traitors in the annals of the Eritrean history.

Their desperate attempts and moves were failure. The world communities are more than aware of this most secretive mafia government in the world. The UN and AU have ample documented evidences related to its various evil activities and interferences in Somalia and Djibouti, thus destabilizing the entire region. The dictator is also aware of the fact that the democratic struggle is taking foothold around the world and his days are numbered; and herby is trying to divert the attention to buy some breathing time to recalculate his next moves and to solicit few hard currency from the poor souls. Majority of Eritrean people living abroad are organizing themselves to expose the atrocities taking place in their country; as a result, panic has taken hold of the dictator and his clique and thus has started to beg and intimidate his blind followers in Diaspora to come out against the UN sanction which he earlier has denied of its relevance and its effectiveness on him and his henchmen. He will soon be a virtual prisoner within that big prison he has created. Soon, neither him nor his viceroy messengers would be able to travel anywhere for any reason anymore.

The oppressed Eritrean people back home understand these steps as being in their favor to hasten their freedom from tyranny. What is mindboggling is why those Eritrean Diaspora living in the free world do not understand the dismal condition of the very society they came from; a condition imposed on them by the tyrant Isaias!? How much does it take to understand the absence of rule of law and accountability? How much does it take to see the mass exodus of young generation crossing the Eritrean border seeking refugee elsewhere? To give deaf ear to such matters of high importance and not be ready to answer the desperate call of the Eritrean people and, to the contrary, to heed to the dictator’s call is a deliberate act of treason and contempt of the wellbeing of Eritreans.

We will prevail!!


Who is to blame for the suffering and pain of the Ogaden people? By: Mohamed A. Gurhan

WHO IS TO BLAME? By:  Mohamed A. Gurhan

One evening recently, I come behind the back of my 15 years old daughter Najma, unnoticed. She was seated in front of her computer writing what looked like a short school essay, which fully absorbed her young brain. “Why us?” Was the title of her narrative.  She began with the following verse from an anonymous African poem: “Who is to blame for the suffering and pain?” I touched her shoulder and when she looked up at me, I could see from her bright innocent eyes that she was in a disturbed state of mind. When I asked her what was troubling her, she replied in a forlornly tone, “Don’t you know what is happening in our country, Ethiopia? Hundreds of children are starving to death everyday in Degahbur, Fik, Kebridehar, Gode, Warder, and other places. I am writing to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Secretary General Ban ki Moon, and other world leaders.  Something must be done and somebody must do something! I am trying to do what I can.”  She was trying to do what she could, indeed.

My daughter was not alone, three of her siblings and several other children from our area were discussing how they can help the United Nations and other relief organizations raise funds for the suffering children in Ethiopia’s Ogaden Region.

That evening I learned how badly, my daughter and many other ill-informed members of Somali Diaspora communities, were misled by the false accusations of political bias in news programs of the many Somali Diaspora operated mass media, mainly radio and television stations and websites.  
My daughter motivated me to write this article, I also borrowed the title from the poem in her unfinished letter.

We all know, young and old, that there was and still are political crises and civil unrest in the Horn of African region, which strained hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Somali ethnic people to flee the region and seek refuge in almost every sympathetic country in the world. But, we should ask ourselves: what are the really and fundamental causes of these decades old exodus of the Somali masses? Who is responsible? Who is to blame for these endless havoc and political turmoil?

To answer the above stated questions accurately, we needs to study the political history, cultural tradition and society of that regions peoples. Although I will discuss these questions in my next article, here we will emphasize the resent crises of Ethiopia’s Somali Region (Ogaden).

Who is ONLF?

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) gained popularity on the international media on April 24, 2007, when its members attacked a Chinese-run oil field in Abole, Somali Region (Ogaden), killing approximately 65 Ethiopians and 9 Chinese nationals. In which, according to Inter Press Service, all persons killed by the ONLF were civilians.

The ONLF was founded in 1984 by a faction which split from the Western Somali Liberation Front and it’s youth wing WSLYU. Both WSLF and WSLYU were financed and controlled by the government of Somalia. However, until 1991 ONLF was only a group of handful men, who opposed the political abuse and misuse of Somalia and who had no clear political agenda, recognized leadership or support. Most of these men considered themselves as Ethiopian citizens, who wanted to struggle for their people’s rights within Ethiopia.

In 1991, when both governments of dictators Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia and Mohamed Siad Barre of Somalia were ousted, hundreds of thousands of refugees, originated from the Somali Region of Ethiopia, returned to their homeland.

In 1991 the Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) forces advance on Addis Ababa and seize power. The state is renamed Ethiopia. His Hon. President Meles Zenawi and members of the transitional government pledged the formation of a multi-party democracy. Federal governance system, which empowers and allows the country’s nations and nationalities to establish their own regional governments, was introduced.

In December 1991, several hundreds of the Ogaden clan members held a conference at Gerigo’an and reestablished ONLF, electing a new leader, executive committee and central committee. Few of the original founders were present at the conference, but none of them was included in the new leadership. The conference was dominated by Arab trained Islamists and the remnants of Somalia’s army. Almost all of the central committee members were newcomers, who had little or no knowledge and interest to the country and people they joined.

Soon a dozen, mainly clan based, other political organizations, emerged in the region. Every Somali clan and its political party made their utmost preparations to participate and win the forthcoming regional and federal elections.

In 1992, the Somali regional elections were conducted in which ONLF won a vast majority of the regional parliament seats. Since there was no any other option for the Ogaden clans, and ONLF was the only political organ which bore their clan name, many supported it.  ONLF in coalition with two other regional parties formed the first Somali Regional State government.

Thousands of the region’s jobless young men and women were employed. Schools, clinics, office building and many other construction projects carried out by the federal government were being implemented in every town of the region. Private businesses were booming. Relief and other humanitarian aid were abundantly following into the region. The average living standard of the region’s population improved tremendously. The positive effects of the political change brought by EPRDF, was evident everywhere in the Somali Region.

However, when the federal government was very involved in promoting the welfare and development of the Somali people, on the other hand, the ONLF led elected regional leaders, were busy not with the public duties and responsibilities endorsed upon them, but with their own other personal and political ambitions. They were divided into three or perhaps more groups, some fighting themselves over the region’s leadership, others busy with looting government funds and corruption involved regional government purchases, and still others were very busy with recruiting militia; proselytizing and organizing members; conducting false, illegitimate and unpopular referendum polls. It was evident from the beginning, that ONLF was incapable of running the regional government and that they will end up in rebellion.

Between 1992 and 1995, the federal government and in particular his Hon. President Meles Zenawi, called for and participated several Somali Region peace and development meetings and conferences, particularly targeting the Ogaden clans. Some of these meetings were even carried out confidentially behind closed doors. The major objective of these conferences was to thwart crises in the region and to accelerate development. However, ONLF was the stumbling block between the federal government and the Somali region’s Ogaden clans.

In 1993 and 1994, while ONLF was running the regional government business, on the other hand, their militia established road blocks in between the region’s main towns, denying road access to both private and public transport. Many times they collided with the EPRDF troops, after refusing road passage.

During that period EPRDF and the federal government were scrutinizing, giving more chances to ONLF to abandon their misleading and ill-fated political ambitions and accept gratefully the many opportunities availed to them.

In 1995, ONLF’s Islamist leader, the late Sheikh Ibrahim Abdalla, openly declared his organization’s pulling out of the regional parliament and government. At the same time he declared what he called liberation war on Ethiopia. That same year, ONLF entered into co’ operation agreement with AlItihad al Islamiya, another terrorist organization which is linked to Osama bin Laden’s Alqaida. Since then ONLF and their poorly trained and equipped militia, have been waging very low scale gorilla type warfare, denying humanitarian aid access, which only uprooted civilian nomads and worsened the living conditions of the region’s drought and famine victims.

The current situation of ONLF

The current leadership of ONLF is mostly the remnants of the collapsed government of Somalia. They are foreign intruders who have no roots, whatsoever, with the Somali Region of Ethiopia. For example: the chairman of ONLF, Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman, is a citizen of the Republic of Somalia, in which he served its marines for more than three decades and reach the rank of admiral. Later he was a central committee member of Siad Barre’s ruling socialist party. This year when the Somali operated Universal Television interviewed Admiral Osman, one of the questions asked was that of his nationality. In which he plainly replied that he was and still is a citizen of the Republic of Somalia. Then why is he mingling the internal affairs of an other country?  “Every student resembles his teacher in one way or another”, says a Somali proverb. All they learned from their previous bosses in Somalia were aggression, waging selfish wars and destruction.

Action speaks louder than speech, the hateful, violent and destructive operations of ONLF, are enough evidence of their hidden evil agendas. The ONLF and their supporter’s misleading and false propaganda war, which they were waging against the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the Somali Regional State, is being reanalyzed and rejected by most of the regions people, both inside the country and in the Diaspora, and the international community as well.

According to anonymous internal ONLF sources, the so called retired admiral is now roaming around helplessly. His group members abroad are split into several factions and the gap of division and misunderstanding is widening too far. His mercenary militias back in the country are badly crippled by the military campaigns of the Federal Defense Army and the Region’s Special Police Forces and their remaining helpless and scattered small groups are no longer under his control. His Asmara trained militia leader, Abdikarim Sheikh Muse, is no longer obedient to him but instead is taking orders directly from his Asmara sponsors. Most of the Ethio-Somali Diaspora communities, who were previously supporting him financially, are now turning their backs on him.

Constant civilian massacre and other inhuman atrocities are committed by ONLF militia against the helpless Ogaden nomads in the rural areas. Therefore, ONLF is not popular liberation movement as they claim, but rather a foreign mercenary terror group.

The leaders of ONLF and their supporter are to be blamed for the suffering and pain of the Somali people (Ogaden) of Ethiopia. And when the day comes, they will be brought to justice and punished for the many crimes they committed against the people of Ethiopia.

Mohamed Gurhan is a is freelance journalist who occationally contributes to CakaaraNews and can be reached at mgurhan@cakaaranews.com

Opinion articles written by individual contributors do not necessarily represent the opinion of CakaaraNews.com

Warbixin kasoo baxdey qoyskq ree Xaaji Warfaa dilkii ka dhacay Mineapolis

Family Statement

The family of Mohamed Warfa and Osman Elmi would like to thank the Minneapolis Police, the Mayor of the city, the Seward neighborhood, the Somali community, media and everybody else who have shared with us the pain and suffering we are going through.

The family is relieved to learn the news that two suspects are in custody. We appreciate the quick reaction and speedy actions of our law enforcement.

The family would also like to express their gratitude to the Seward Neighborhood and the Somali community and the way which they have supported the police in their efforts to solve this gruesome and mindless crime. The family is kindly requesting that the Somali community continue to work with the law enforcement.

Mohamed Warfa and Osman Elmi were two young people, full of life and had so much to look for American dream. They came here to live in peace and start a new life but their lives were taken in the most senseless act of cruelty.

No words can describe the shock and the pain the family is going through at the lost of our beloved ones. We will not rest until all those responsible for their killings are brought to justice.

Finally, our condolences go to Anwar Mohamed's family. We share their pain and suffering.

Family contact: Abdi Mohamed: 206-227-6610

Expanding best practices in pastoral areas!

27 January 2010 (No.29)  The Ethiopian Pastoralists Day (EPD) has been celebrated since 1999. It was originally instigated to create awareness about pastoralists, make collective voice to decision making, enhance development works in the area and facilitate experience sharing among pastoralists living in different parts of the country.

Celebrating this day has played significant role as a common platform for pastoralists in building solidarity, enhance development, strengthening stabile lives and fighting against poverty meaningfully.

The 12th EPD was celebrated in Jijiga town of Somali Regional State with various assortments on the 25th and 26th of January 2010 under the theme "Let’s build Ethiopian Renaissance on firm foundation by expanding best practices in pastoral areas."

The various successful development activities in animal husbandry, horticulture, fodder and other areas  throughout the country in general and the pastoral areas in particular need to be scaled up in order to realize sustainable development.

In the 12th Pastoralists Day celebration, about 209 pastoralists and associations were awarded for various successful performances either alleviating poverty or in assisting the pastoral community.

Now that most pastoralists are leading stable life as the government, the people along with their partners have made tremendous efforts in executing various development activities in their vicinity.

Now, they determined to scale up all the best practices in the area so as to alleviate poverty from the entire pastoral community.

Xaqiiqda Dhoofitaanka & Beenta Dib u Dajinta Ma Xalaal Baa Loo Arkaa?

Sida la wada ogsoon yahay waxaa beryahan danbe soo badanayay in maadaama dalalka horumaray ee bixiya magan galyada & dib-u dejinta ay mudnaanta siiyeen dadka laga tirada badan yahay ama la xaqiro, ama la yaso. Si ay u dhoofaan waxay dadku sameeyaan been iyo asbaabo xaqiiqda ka fog oo ay ku beer laxawsadaan masuuliyiinta Reer Galbeedka oo aad u qalbi nugul.

In la sameeyo aroosyo been-abuur ah, qorasho caruur aan la dhalin & in dad aan waxba isku galin ay isku noqdaan laga dhigto waalid, waa cadaymaha ugu waawayn ee lagu yaqaano in bulshada Soomaalida ay ku codsato dibada. hadaan xaqiiqda laga tagin, waxaa kaloo jirta cabashooyin kale oo badan oo lagu saleeyo arrimo aan sal lahayn oo laga cabanayo falal dambiyeed kufsi, fara xumayn & falal kale oo dadka Soomaalida ee dibada jecel ay ka dhigtaan asbaab ay ku raadsadaan dal ku gal & magangalyo lagu raadsado dalalka Reer Galbeedka.

Si kastaba, ha ahaatee waxaa dhacda in dadka Soomaalida ee dalalka Reer Galbeedka u baqoolaya ay ka been sheegaan da'dooda oo ay qortaan da' yar, iyagoo xaqiiqdii da'dooda runta ah ay tahay wax u dhaw labanlaab ta ay sheeganayaan. Waxaana tusaale wax ku ool ah kuu noqon kara, labadii wiil ee dhawaan loo soo qabtay ama lagu eedeeyay inay ku lug lahaayeen dilkii saddexda wiil ee lagu dilay magaalada Minneapolis ee dalka Maraykanka, uu Boolisku ku sheegay inay da'doodu tahay 17 sanno jir. Laga yaabo in sida ay u badan tahay uu ka wayn yahay da'da uu qofkaasi sheeganayo

Qoraal laguma soo koobi karo, siyaabaha khaldan ee dadka Soomaalida ay ku doontaan viso ay ku tagaan dalalka Reer Galbeedka. Dhaqan kale oo dhawaanahan ku soo batay dadka Soomaalida ee ay madax martay xumada dibad jacaylka.

Waxaa jirta in dad badan oo ka soo jeeda Degaanka Soomaalida ay inta ay tagaan Soomaaliya ama xeryaha Qaxootiga ee Kiinya ay sheegtaan inay ka tirsan yihiin beelaha Reer Baare, Tunni, Mareexaan ama Shariif iyo beelaha kale ee la xaqiro, kuwaas oo dalka Maraykanku uu siiyo mudnaanta dib-udejinta.  

Sida la wada ogsoon yahay, qaar fara badan oo ka tirsan nabad-diidka UBO oo Maxamed Cumar Cusmaan uu ka mid yahay ayaa la sheegaa inuu dad badan oo qoyskiisa ka tirsan uu ku dhoofiyay inay ka soo jeedaan Beesha Gabooyaha. Hadaan tusaale u soo qaadano waxaa Inna Cumar Cusmaan uu ku joogaa dalka Ingiriiska isagoo sheeganaya inuu yahay Reer Geydh Gabooye, halka xubno fara badan oo qoyskiisa ka tirsan uu ku bixiyay Reer Caydiid Gabooye. Labadan reer ee Reer Caydiid iyo Reer Geydh ayaa ah laba reer oo ka soo jeeda qoysaska laga tiran badan yahay ee ku nool Degmada Gunagado

Cali Muuse
is a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Independent Journalist and can be reached on muumin2008@hotmail.com

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