Dr. Tedros says Ethiopia will continue to support peace, stability in Somalia

Addis Ababa, 7 November 2013 (WIC) – Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Tedros attended a dinner hosted by the Federal Government of Somalia at Villa Somalia on November,5 2013. The dinner was attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon, the Speaker of the Parliament Osman Jawari the Leader of Juba Interim Administration Ahmed Mohammed “Madobe” and over hundred of the participants of the Reconciliation and Peace Building Conference.

Dr. Tedros noted that the success of the negotiations and of the implementation of the Addis Ababa Agreements heralded a new chapter in Ethiopia and Somalia’s history.

He said “We had a dark history which happened for the wrong reasons, “adding that this was now behind us and it was time to start anew. He said that as Ethiopia and Somalia’s destinies were intertwined, the only option was “to live in harmony and prosper together.” A prosperous peaceful Ethiopia, he said, was good for Somalia and a prosperous peaceful Somalia was good for Ethiopia.

Dr. Tedros called for the two people and governments to work closely to build a better future, emphasizing that as close neighbors their similarities defined them rather than their differences. He noted that the reconciliation Conference was going well and said it would be concluded successfully, urging all parties to continue with in the spirit of putting the interest of Somalia above and beyond any personal and group interests.

He reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to help in the implementation of the Addis Ababa Agreement and the peace process in Somalia in general in every possible way. President Mahmoud hailed Dr. Tedros‘s visit as historic, pointing out it was the first time in 23 years that a foreign minister of Ethiopia had spent a night in Mogadishu.

The President recalled that despite their long history it was only during the past two decades that genuine cooperation and friendship had blossomed between Somalia and Ethiopia. Speaker Jawari noted that the past mistakes of previous governments had left scars but he added that these were problems for governments and not for the peoples of Somalia and Ethiopia. With the changes of government and the implementation of right policies, relations were returning to normalcy and beyond. (MoFA)

Ethiopia to introduce good manufacturing roadmap for pharmaceuticals

Addis Ababa, 5 November 2013 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Food, Medicine & Healthcare Administration and Control Authority is making final preparations to introduce Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) roadmap. GMP is a system for ensuring that pharmaceutical products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards and thereby minimize the risks involved throught testiting the final product.

Samson Abraham, the authority’s public relations and communications director, said the roadmap is expected to be implemented ‘very soon’.

He said industry stakeholders have deliberated on the issue. “Ensuring pharmaceutical companies in the country compete in the international market by producing standard products is one priority area of the authority,” Samson said. “By implementing the roadmap, we hope to enable these companies compete in the international market.” He said the authority has conducted supervision works of good manufacturing practice in 26 pharmaceutical factories and small and micro medical device manufacturing companies.

GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.

Morsi I am Egypt's legitimate president.

Egypt's ousted leader Mohammed Morsi has gone on trial in Cairo, telling the judge the case is illegitimate as he remains president.

He and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood figures face charges of inciting the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in 2012. After Mr Morsi's remarks and his refusal to wear a uniform, the judge adjourned the trial until 8 January. He was then flown to Burj al-Arab prison in Alexandria, state TV said. Earlier reports had suggested that he would be taken to Tora prison on the outskirts of Cairo. Until now he had been held at a secret military location.

Protests took place outside the court and elsewhere in Cairo.Mr Morsi was ousted by the military in July after protests against his ruleEarly on Monday Mr Morsi was brought into the sprawling Police Academy compound by helicopter.

Other defendants, including Essam el-Erian, Mohammed al-Beltagi and Ahmed Abdel Aatie, were said to have arrived in armoured personnel carriers. No television pictures were broadcast from the court although journalists were allowed in for the former president's first public appearance since he was deposed on 3 July. As he entered the courtroom, Mr Morsi refused to remove his blue suit and put on the required white prison uniform. The defendants, who were being held in a cage in the courtroom, chanted "illegal, illegal".

When asked to give his name, the former president gave a defiant response, according to reporters inside the court. "I am Dr Mohammed Morsi, the president of the republic.

I am Egypt's legitimate president. You have no right to conduct a trial into presidential matters." The judge twice temporarily halted proceedings before adjourning the case until January. Before the trial began Mr el-Erian, a deputy leader of the Brotherhood's political wing, told the BBC that one of his fellow defendants had been mistreated with some kind of water torture and had been beaten until he was on the point of collapse.

Mr Morsi and the 14 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood had been widely expected to use the occasion to underline what they see as the illegitimacy of his removal from power. Police had to step in at one point because of heckling in the court. The BBC's Orla Guerin says some of those attending the trial, including women journalists, shouted that the defendants should be given the death penalty.

The trial had been due to take place at Tora prison on the other side of Cairo but had been switched late on Sunday, apparently to deter protesters. Shortly after Mr Morsi's arrival, a small crowd arrived and began chanting outside the police compound more than one hour's drive from the centre of the city. The crowd soon grew and protesters were briefly seen on state TV chanting slogans against army chief Gen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led Mr Morsi's removal from power. Demonstrators shouted at a state TV crew and chanted "liars" before chasing them and pelting them with stones.

The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil: "These protesters still see Morsi as their legitimate president" Other protests took place in Cairo itself, outside the High Court in the centre of the city and at the Supreme Constitutional Court in the south. While state institutions were said to have opened normally on Monday, some private schools had told parents to keep their children at home. Murder and violence' Although Mr Morsi won the presidency in a democratic election, during his 13 months in power he fell out with key institutions. The ex-president is accused of "inciting his supporters to carry out premeditated murder, and inciting the use of violence and thuggery" over the deaths of at least 10 people during intense clashes in December 2012 which followed a decree that gave him wide-ranging powers. After he was ousted, a sit-in protest at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo by Mr Morsi's supporters was violently broken up by the military, leading to the deaths of hundreds of people.

The interim government has also cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood, banning the Islamist organisation and arresting dozens of senior figures. Pro-Morsi supporters say he was removed in a coup and is now facing a politicised trial. Human rights groups accuse the security services of acting without accountability. Legal experts say that if convicted Mr Morsi could be jailed for life or face the death penalty.

His senior communications adviser, Wael Haddara, told the BBC that the process was a "charade" because everyone involved had been appointed by the military. "What is the military afraid of? Why won't they let him speak? Even prisoners have rights." The National Police Academy is also hosting the trial of his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, - meaning there are two former Egyptian presidents being tried concurrently.

An estimated 20,000 security personnel have been deployed to keep order amid fears that the trial could deepen the rift between Egyptians and cause greater unrest. On Sunday evening, gunmen killed two Egyptian policemen near the city of Ismailia.

Westgate siege: Four charged over Nairobi attack

BBC reporter Anne Soy: "These are the first suspects to appear before court in connection with the Westgate attack"

Four people have been charged over the siege at the Westgate shopping centre in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, in which at least 67 were killed, police say.

The four foreigners have been charged with aiding terrorist groups and being in Kenya illegally. Their nationalities have not been disclosed, but they are said to be ethnic Somalis.

These are the first charges to be brought in relation to the four-day September siege. Those charged have been named as Mohammed Ahmed Abdi, Liban Abdullah, Adnan Ibrahim and Hussein Hassan. "The accused persons carried out a terrorist attack at Westgate Shopping Mall on 21 September by supporting a terrorist group," the charge sheet read.

The police say the four accused had sheltered the attackers in their homes in Eastleigh - a Somali neighbourhood in Nairobi - and that they were in contact with the gunmen four days before the siege. All four, who had no lawyer, have pleaded not guilty to the charges, which also included obtaining false identification documents. None of the men is accused of being the gunmen in the centre.

The court has ordered them to be remanded at a local police station after the prosecution asked for more time for further investigations.

The Somali militant Islamist group al-Shabab said it carried out the attack. The Kenyan army has said that all four of the attackers died during the siege. One of the suspected attackers has been named as 23-year-old Somalia-born Norwegian national, Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow.

John Kerry urges 'democracy and stability' on Egypt stop

US Secretary of State John Kerry has called for an end to all violence in Egypt and urged moves to full democracy on his first visit to the country since President Mohammed Morsi was ousted.

"History has demonstrated that democracies are more stable, viable and prosperous than any alternative," he told a news conference. "With stability comes tourism and investment, and with both come jobs." He said Egypt was a "vital" US partner, on his first stop of a regional tour.

Mr Kerry's visit to Cairo was not disclosed by US officials until he landed. It is the first time a US secretary of state has travelled to Egypt on a visit that is unannounced for security reasons.

The BBC's Kim Ghattas, travelling with Mr Kerry, says it is the kind of precaution that characterises trips by US officials to countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. This is a sign of US concerns about continued instability in the country, but it is also a reaction to the high level of anti-American feeling in Egypt, our correspondent says.

On his six-hour stop Mr Kerry is meeting the interim leaders that assumed control following Mr Morsi's removal in July - President Adly Mahmud Mansour, Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy and army chief Gen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

It is the first stage of a nine-day tour that will take in Middle Eastern and North African countries, as well as Poland. Continue reading the main story Morsi trial Former President Morsi faces charges of inciting the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012 14 other senior figures from the Muslim Brotherhood are being tried with him Morsi supporters say his overthrow and detention are illegal and have threatened large street protests With Mr Morsi in court, Egypt will have two former presidents on trial simultaneously, as Hosni Mubarak is being retried Morsi on trial:

Q&A 'Difficult time' Tensions remain high in Egypt, where former President Morsi goes on trial on Monday. His supporters say he was removed in a coup and is now facing a politicised trial. Human rights groups accuse the security services of acting without accountability.

Mr Kerry said he had held "constructive, detailed and frank" discussions with his Egyptian counterpart, Mr Fahmy, and said it was "no secret" that Egypt was going through a "difficult time". "All acts of terror in Egypt must come to an end - all acts," he said - against churches, worshippers, against security services both in the Sinai and elsewhere.

Mr Kerry said Egypt's fortunes, and its bilateral relations, depended on its democratic transition. "The United States believes that the US-Egypt partnership is going to be stronger when Egypt is represented by an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government based on rule of law, fundamental freedoms and an open and competitive economy," he said.

Mr Fahmy said Kerry's comments and the "roadmap" Gen Sisi laid out following the military coup - which sets out constitutional reform and elections by spring 2014 - indicate that "we are all pursuing a resumption of normal relations".

Mr Kerry is also reported to be meeting, behind closed doors, members of Egyptian civil society alarmed by a crackdown in which hundreds of people have died. Last month the US froze a large portion of the $1.3bn (£810m) in aid it sends to Egypt, prompting condemnation from Cairo.

On Sunday, Mr Kerry insisted that was merely a "reflection of US law" and said assistance that went directly to the Egyptian people had been maintained. Relations have been tense since the overthrow of President Morsi, an Islamist, and a subsequent crackdown by new authorities on protests. Hundreds of people have died.

On Saturday, Egyptian newspaper al-Watan published what it said were the first images of Mr Morsi in detention. The images, which have not been independently verified and are undated, show Mr Morsi dressed in a tracksuit and sitting in an armchair, appearing animated and comfortable.

Trade and defence Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan and Morocco are among the countries on the next stages of Mr Kerry's itinerary. After his Egyptian visit, Secretary Kerry will go on to the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The Saudi government has recently expressed its disappointment with what it sees as America's hesitant approach in Syria and a lack of support for the new Egyptian government. #

Mr Kerry is expected to discuss defence and trade issues with officials, with Syria likely to be high on the agenda across the region. The secretary of state will also meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss the peace process in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

He will then travel to Algeria and Morocco. Correspondents say Mr Kerry may have to face difficult questions over allegations of widespread US spying. In the wake of revelations sparked by leaks from ex-US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, Mr Kerry said last week that spying by the US National Security Agency may have gone too far.

TSA agent killed in Los Angeles airport shooting

A federal security agent has been killed and several other people wounded in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, officials say.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said three of its staff had been injured, one fatally. The suspect - named by the FBI as 23-year-old Los Angeles resident Paul Anthony Ciancia - was wounded by police and detained. Hundreds of flights nationwide were affected by the incident.

Paul Anthony Ciancia (FBI photo) Paul Ciancia was reportedly carrying a note that expressed anti-government views LA Airport police chief Patrick Gannon told reporters a "lone shooter" came into Terminal 3 at 9:20 local time (16:20 GMT).

The suspect "pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal" inside the nation's third largest airport, he said. He then allegedly went to a security screening area and continued shooting. "As you can imagine, a large amount of chaos took place in this entire incident," Mr Gannon said. It was the first time a TSA officer was killed in the line of duty, according to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

'Suicide text' The TSA named the killed officer as 39-year-old Gerardo Hernandez. Continue reading the main story Eyewitness Vernon Cardenas, 45, of Los Angeles "All of the sudden we saw people running towards us. Our terminal was a dead-end terminal and there was only an emergency door but no-one had opened the door yet. We started hearing some shots.

Then someone kicked open the emergency door and everybody started running down into the tarmac, down below the planes. Pretty crazy. Some people got injured, as you had between 100 and 200 people trying to squeeze through the small door.

I went close to the exit but I didn't quite leave, just to keep an eye on my stuff. At that point there were just a couple of us in the terminal and that is when we saw the gunman walking towards us. He was acting confused. Taking his time. He looked towards us. As soon as he looked our way, we all ran outside." Mayor Garcetti said it was fortunate that the authorities had tackled the suspect because he had been armed with more than 100 rounds of ammunition. A law enforcement official told the Associated Press that Mr Ciancia was shot in the mouth and leg by two airport police officers. According to US media, the alleged gunman approached potential victims asking if they worked for the TSA, and spared them if they said no.

He pushed through screening gates and walked more than 100 yards (90m) into the secure area of the terminal, Mr Gannon said, where law enforcement officers caught up with him in a food court. As he began firing in the terminal, "everybody pancaked down on the ground", passenger Lauren Stephens, who was checking in at the time, told Reuters news agency. Then, when more shots rang out, "I just left my bag and I just ran like hell. Everybody ran. People were falling. People were just trying to help each other out."

In this photo provided to AP, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, police officers stand near an unidentified weapon in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport on 1 November 2013 A photo from the scene of the incident showed police officers standing near an unidentified weapon.

Police escort a man in a wheelchair toward medical help during an incident in which shots were fired at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles in this still image taken from video provided by KNBC November 1, 2013. Outside, video footage showed a man in a wheelchair been taken to receive medical help.

Transportation Security Administration employees hug outside Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport on 1 November 2013 TSA employees comforted each other outside Terminal 1 Passengers are directed outside Terminal 2 at Los Angeles International Airport on 1 November 2013, after shots were fired prompting authorities to evacuate a terminal and stop flights headed for the city from taking off from other airports.

There were chaotic scenes as the terminal was hurriedly closed. Departing passengers wait to enter the airport following a shooting incident earlier in the day which left one dead and others wounded, at Los Angeles International Airport, 1 November 2013 in Los Angeles, California Nearly 750 flights were disrupted by the attack Cars are backed up over a mile as air traffic begins after a shooting at Terminal 3 caused a shutdown at Los Angeles International Airport, on 1 November 2013, in Los Angeles The airport closure left traffic backing up on roads around the airport Another witness, Leon Saryan, told CNN that the same man he had just seen shoot a TSA officer "calmly" walked toward him and asked, "TSA?"

Continue reading the main story TSA: An unloved agency Part of US Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration was created after 9/11 to beef up airport security But critics say the 50,000-strong agency is ineffectual and even unconstitutional Its introduction of full-body scanners and pat-downs at airports in 2010 was seen by many as highly intrusive The TSA has received thousands of complaints about discourtesy, delays at checkpoints and damage to luggage during screening "I just shook my head, and he kept going," Mr Saryan said. A number of people were reportedly injured while fleeing the scene. Various outlets reported the suspect was carrying a note that expressed anti-government views. Little is known about him.

Mr Ciancia's family in New Jersey told police on Friday they had received a text message from him saying he planned suicide, report US media. "Their younger child got a text message from Paul [Ciancia] stating that there were some comments in there about his wellbeing and he wanted to possibly take his own life," a New Jersey police chief, Allen Cummings, said. Mr Cummings said he called Los Angeles police, who sent officers to Mr Ciancia's apartment in the city.

Two roommates of Mr Ciancia told Los Angeles police on Friday they had seen him the day before and he had appeared fine, according to Mr Cummings.

A local hospital official told reporters that one of the injured was listed in a critical condition, while two other victims were in fair condition. Some 746 flights nationwide were affected and 46 were diverted because of the incident, said airport officials. Terminal 3 remains closed as the investigation continues.

 President Barack Obama expressed concern about the shooting, but said he would leave law enforcement to talk about it. Nathan Sunshine: "There was a sense of panic and people were scared" A map of Los Angeles, California with the Los Angeles International Airport marked

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