EU lauds Ethiopia's peace building role in Sudan

Addis Ababa (CakaraNews) Wednesday July 31/2013 European Union lauded Ethiopia's efforts to build long lasting peace between the two Sudans as well as peacekeeping mission in Abiyei. EU Sudan and South Sudan Special Representative, Rosa Lind made the remark after discussing with Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom here on Wednesday.

She said EU commended Ethiopia's efforts to help the two countries end their confrontations peacefully. She urged the two countries to be bound by the Addis Ababa agreement and resolve the Abiyei issue peacefully.

The Representative said that EU strongly supports the Panel of the Wise of the African Union, which is chaired by former South African President Thabo Embeki. Dr. Tedros on his part affirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to continue its efforts until the situation is permanently resolved. H

e said that Ethiopia will strengthen its partnership with the AU to resolve crisis in the Horn of Africa, especially between the two Sudans, according to a high level official who attend the meeting.