The Significance of Jigjiga’s hosting of Ethiopia Nations Nationalities and Peoples Day!. By Gh Wiilwaal

AA(CakaaraNews) Isniin Nov 11,2013.As an artist of Ethiopian origin who spent most of his life abroad or elsewhere in Africa I found it heart warming to see for myself how rich in peoples and nations this country is and I think it is fitting and poetic that a national day is set aside to celebrate such diversity--- I am, of course, referring to Ethiopia’s Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Day, which each year is held in different city and among different community.

But I was even more excited to learn upon my arrival that wonderful all-Ethiopian Day would be hosted this time by Jigjiga, the capital city of my own Somali Region.

The Somali Region of Ethiopia is the land of poets and saints but also historically of suffering because, the past Ethiopian Regimes have chosen to use and abuse its inhabitant instead of empowering them. And it was through the current Ethiopian Constitution where those long neglected nations like the Somalis finally found their rightful place in the country.

Luckily, there is also in Jigjiga an energetic leadership which is determine to fulfill the promise of Ethiopia’s new and all inclusive Constitution. And it’s to the credit of this able administration that the Somali Region is for the first time in a confident position to host Ethiopia’s Nations, Nationality and Peoples day.

I am so looking forward to this day and I cannot wait to watch on stage live dhaanto, (the Somali Region’s well known traditional dance) side by side with performances by Ethiopia’s other equally colourful nations and peoples. I really believe this upcoming event has the potential to mark the Somali people’s coming of age and Ethiopians of all nationalities would be very pleased with the outcome.

Personally, I am already proud of the men and women who are preparing to host this glorious day and I sincerely would like to wish them great luck! Reference

source aigaforum