The shift of Diaspora support, End of inside conflict and emerging of other Ethiopian ethnic opposition groups against Somali Region State of Ethiopia

(CO) Tuesday March24.2015.The End of longstanding indigenous conflict of Somali region of Ethiopia led by rebel groups called ONLF with master minded by the ideological framework of Eretria (shacbiya) Government behind the shadow and provide a military and logistic supports and financially were used to be supported by the Diaspora of Somali region all over the world; before several years ago.

In this regards; with a great determination of Somali regional state of Ethiopia senior officials and their efforts goes beyond the national boundaries and could able to reach at continental corners of world. In order to find a sustainable solutions for region’s indigenous security concerns, and promote a relevant development schemes through attracting and seeking the supports of Somali region Diaspora in the worldwide.

By displaying and sharing the evidence based development programs, basic social services and commitment of regional state as well the ruling part ESDPP to stand with the people of region. And convincing the diasporas with evidences and facts of crimes against humanity including physical tortures with enough example of a young pastoralist boy surgically removed by his two ears and tongue by sharp instruments and uncountable killing made by ONLF rebels for the innocent civilian including pregnant and lactating mothers and children and those most vulnerable groups of society like old people and under privilege segments of community so as to persuade and make understand for the Diaspora people who are known nothing about the reality at the ground. Moreover, after in many facts and tangible documentary evidences of crime against humanity and tortures made by ONLF in which the Somali regional state led by Mr. president Abdi Mohamoud Omar had brought on the desk in front of diasporas outside the country and community leaders inside the country.

With such strives the regional state were able to bring about a dramatically change the mentalities, attitudes and perceptions of Diasporas towards ONLF and the like Ethiopia governments; particularly; Somali regional state of Ethiopia. With these great achievements and efforts caused the support of Somali region Diasporas were shifted from ONLF to Ethiopia government. For instance; through investing a big developmental projects inside the regional state, building education institutions like schools and university, involving the provision of long distance public transportation services across the region’s zone, investing as well Addis Ababa city and buying Bond for Abay dam construction and the somali Diaspora became the leading and role model Diaspora supporting Abay dam construction.

As results of the above mentioned efforts became a successful objectives and target that ensured by the regional state. Altogether the current financial supports and contribution of Diaspora to ONLF is zero. Further the positive ideologies and attitudes for the people of Somali region towards ONLF is completely changed into negative one, and simultaneously the people of the region have exhausted and got fade up the aimless conflict and bloodshed for innocent civilians.

In addition with the presence and existence of own regional special forces (Liyu police); together with federal defense forces (by shoulder to shoulder); made the loss of military power by ONLF rebels to resist and exist anymore and most probable it’s being realized the end of inside conflict in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Apparently, a minute of residual of ONLF individuals are seeking a means of survival and to prolong their existence by name only through making alliances and coalitions with other opposition groups like Ginbot-7.

However, recently other opponent groups of other Ethiopian ethnics are emerging to assaults and demonstrate against for Somali regional state delegate led by Mr. President Abdi Mohamoud Omar in Washington DC, USA; at the end of 2nd week of March 2015.

This is an indication the level of hostility of none Somali ethnic opposition groups for the stability, security and development of Somali regional state of Ethiopia as well its clear signal and message the whole Ethiopia people and government of Ethiopia and the people of somali region that Ethiopia opposition groups are not only against national government rather they against federalism and constitution that ensured the equity and rights for all Ethiopia nations and nationalities that the people of somali are part of it. Eventually, I personally belief and confirm as an independent analyst that Mr. President Abdi Omar’s has a leadership qualities of decisiveness, strength, resolution, risk-taking, vision and imagination are deferentially distributed, irrespective of wider structural circumstances. And he does not deserve to be offended and abused by the any person minded with anti-security and anti-development ideologies against the well-being of Ethiopia; particularly; somali regional state and the bright hopes for the people of somali region of Ethiopia in various perspectives for the betterments of socio-economic and livelihood status for the people of the region.

particularly, pastoralist community, through building the vital infrastructures including rural access roads, water, education institutions and health care facilities, urbanizations i.e. electric power supply and telecommunication, security and stability are fundamental concerns of our regional state led by Mr. President Abdi Omar’s. whereas the people of region is satisfied and appreciated the leadership quality and political maturity of our president Mr. Abdi Omar to direct and lead the people of the region for betterment of livelihood, stabilizing the region’s security and we acknowledge his leadership strength and dedication to his people in positive mental attitude and perceptions. Mr. President the success is never final and struggle is everlasting and finally we are strongly condemning the last assaults and propaganda attempt against our president by the stressed and agitated bi-polar manic psychiatric patient in Washington and we are very proud to our president Abdi Omar and being a part of a big family of Ethiopia by choice in 1954.

Therefore, the enemies of Ethiopia are part and parcel of enemies of Somali region of Ethiopia. The velocity for development, integrity and co-existence for the peoples, nations and nationalities of Ethiopia will everlasting with governing federal constitution and rule of law.

By: Ahmed Deik Hussein Independent analyst If any concerns of this article, Can be contacted through this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.