Article: THE MOVE FORWARD, is the directional slogan of Somali regional state of Ethiopia for the next five years




Jigjiga(CN) Talaado.July.07.2015, maqaalkan ciwaankiisu yahay "The Move Forward" oo tibaaxaya jihada halku dhag ee ay DDSI shanta sano ee soo socota ujeedo, ayaa waxaa shabakada CakaaraNews u soo diray mudane Axmed Deeq Xuseen oo qoraalkan ku diyaariyay luuqada English-ka, kuna bilaabay sida tan:


Since 1990s; Somali regional state of Ethiopia had passed through a political and leadership environment constrains due to security threats related factors that had a direct or indirect effects on development programs and impeded to carry out the basic social development projects the most of region’s woredas and zones before several years ago.

In fact, Somali region since 1994 G.c. had been experienced a profound security issues accompanied with overwhelming political chaos as a result of clan based multiple political parts with various aims and objectives which rendered a conflict of unmet political interests by the immature and fragmented political parts and politicians in the region.

In 1994 G.c. the armed rebels group called ONLF went out to countryside to fight against newly born federalism government of Ethiopia lead by EPRDF, the region was  started a new phase of critical period with longstanding bloodshed and lives lost for many innocent civilian people led by ONLF and islamist part Al-etahad islami. So that around this time the region was under very serious security crises which made impossible to implement the basic social services and development programs across the region in decades.

Unfortunately; the people of the region were extremely affected by the Somalia civil war in 1991 since the most of people of region were refugees in Somalia, after Somalia-Ethiopia war in 1977 and returned back home after Somalia civil war erupted in 1990s. Meantime ONLF leaders were announced war against Ethiopia government. Whereas; the people were also affected by tribal conflicts and severe draughts which caused severe malnutrion and death for people and livestock similarly, so before the people recover the impacts of Somalia civil war, tribal conflicts and drought, Further; again a new war & conflict suddenly commenced by the ONLF and Al-etihad islamist group.

As the matter of fact, most of regions’ zones and woredas were overwhelmed with profound security alerts and clashes led by rebel groups called ONLF (known as UBBO in local context) which has a great impacts on the lives of many civilians, torture, rape and marginalized most of pastoralist community of region to benefit the basic social services and developmental programs of the regional state. Because due to security threats by the ONLF insurgents the developmental programs could not able to carry out and implement throughout region.

As results of above security, political and developmental challenges, the region was rendered to be lagging behind from other regions of the country in various perspectives, sustained political and tribal conflicts that resulted the loss of many lives for innocent civilians was the key concerns and perceived bad image and negative attitude by the other national, regional and international community’s towards somali region.


In the recent years, the political anticipations and predictions of the region seems better improved, matured and capable politics and leaderships are in place who could able to shape and direct the people of the region towards the country’s policy and strategy for better developments of basic social services, infrastructures and good governance.

Over the last five years the regional state attained progress in basic social services, developmental infrastructures including health facilities, education, water, road, telecommunication coverage and security without any exaggerations or undermining the reality at ground. Hence; the security was top of agenda for first two and half years and profoundly was invested with huge efforts and resources so as to stabilize the region to the optimum security level. Meantime the region was ensured major developmental achievements for the last two years of the term.

However, the current regional state administration have succeeded in generally a better performances and achievements, particularly; security and developments were noted with evidence out came and results which cannot be denied by any person and witnessed by the people of the region, national government and international community including developmental and humanitarian partners and stakeholders operating in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

The Somali region administration had endeavored to adopt and contextualize national developmental policies and strategies into regional and local circumstances at the ground. In order to attain the ultimate developmental goals, national policies, strategic directions of the country.

The people of the region have recognized that the key elements of development projects are fundamental security basis of region through using with own regional forces known as Liyu Police (special regional forces), the region’s security was secured and tribal conflicts had also been tackled including the recurrent, unresolved and politicized tribal conflict around Raso, Salahad & Lagahidda and the like many others.

In addition, Somali region have improved basic social services such as education, Health care and health Services infrastructures like (Hospitals, & Health centers), water and sanitations, livestock and agriculture particularly basin resettlement for pastoralist community to convert into agro-pastoralist way of life, infrastructures had predominantly been increased i.e. urbanization and public institutions, better and relatively economic and business development schemes had also been improved in recent years.

Further; the regional state is striving to build a better political image and change negative attitude towards Somali region by other people including Ethiopians. Therefore, in order to construct the broader picture of the region. The people of the region together with government high official determined to introduce the good culture of Somali people like handling the guests with respectful and excellence hospitality. For instance; the way managed and hosted Hidar 29 nations and nationalities ceremonial day in 2013.    

Moreover; the people of the region to be enough alert and well conscious for any deliberately stimulated political confusion and instability by any externals either direct or indirect using a part of regions’ people to create and initiate political waves against security, development and stability of the region. And stick on national constitution which governs the regional state and national government of Ethiopia.          

Recently, the ruling part ESPDP had succeeded in May 2015 election throughout region, which was the most peaceful election ever seen in the somali region, it was free and fair although there were no strong opposition parts but there were several opposition parts with very less supporters. And the Ginboot 20 was also peacefully celebrated throughout region.


The decision endorsed and made by central committee of ruling part ESPDP on June, 30, 2015 about the how will look like the management system and regional state structure for the coming five years was very substantial and imperative against the propaganda spread by the group of individuals and totally obliterated the political nightmares of these people against the leadership of current regional state but most of the people of region acknowledged the decision made central committee was important and relevant on its right moment.       

The expectations for the people of the region is very high that the next term the regional state leaders will proportionally improve their performance in socio-economic developments, social services like Education, Health, water, agriculture, youth and women development programs, infrastructures, equity and justices, good governance, stability, integrality, co-existences and security will be maintained and in generally; attaining in GTP 2.

Therefore, the people of the region have better hopes for every aspect in terms of security and development. Whereas the slogan of next term of Somali region is said to “MOVE FORWARD” so the people of the region together regional state and ruling part ESPDP senior officials led by His excellence president Abdi Mohamoud Omar have a great determination to move forward for better livelihood, development, good governance and leadership as well as a better social well being of Somali Regional State of Ethiopia.

I personality have a full confidence as an independent analyst that His excellence Mr. president Abdi Mohamoud Omar will maximize his efforts and natural talents to direct and lead for better social, security, justice and development for the region and the people of the region for the next five years.              

By Ahmed Deeq Hussein, independent analyst, if any concerns or questions regarding to this article you are welcome and don’t hesitate to contact me through email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.