EPRDF Council evaluates 5 year performance

Addis Ababa August 8/2015 The Council of the ruling party, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRDF) evaluates performance of different sectors over the past five years.

The Council evaluates the lessons learnt from the first five-year Growth and Transformation Plan and efforts exerted to address challenges.

Noting the rapid economic growth over the past years and the integrated efforts to mobilize the public towards development, the Council underlines the need to further strengthen public mobilization to sustain the development.

The public mobilization is more successful in rural areas particularly, with the engagement of millions of development armies on natural resource conservation activities, the Council noted. 

The Council evaluated that engaging development armies in urban areas is encouraging especially in education and micro and small scale enterprises, even though it needs to be consolidated.

Underscoring the rapid and consecutive economic growth the nation witnessed over the past 12 year, the Council urged that priority should be given to areas such as manufacturing and export sectors, in which their performances were lower, to maintain the momentum.

Regarding good governance, the Council noted that there is an improvement in terms of service provision in justice and civil service sectors. But a lot needs to be done since the improvements didn't bring satisfaction among the public.

Underlining the improvement in building democracy, the Council urged the need to improve the participation of the public through democratic institutions, civic societies and the media.

Evaluating the free, fair and democratic conduct of the May 2015 general elections, the Council underlined the need for the leadership and members of the party to work with commitment to discharge the responsibility bested upon them by the people.

The Council decided that the valuations on the performances of the different sectors during the first GTP and the major directions for the second GTP to be tabled in the 10th EPRDF ordinary conference to be held this month.