Article: - Rising International Roles and Credibility of Ethiopian National Defense Force

By: Ahmed Deeq Hussein

Jigjiga(CN) Ethiopian national defense force is primarily to defend Ethiopia country and protect people of the country from any invaders to its territory’s borders that can be threatened safety, security and stability of the nation either internal or external. Military forces have feeling a sense of ownership for national interest that stands to protect sovereignty of Ethiopia country and its people and keep rule of law i.e 1995 national constitution of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia. That secured equities, equalities and rights of all Ethiopian citizens.

Ethiopia military is highly disciplined, well trained and armed with sophisticated military technologies including ground arms, heavy weapons and air forces. And has criteria for military services such as 18 years of age for voluntary military service, no compulsory military service, but the military can conduct callups when necessary and compliance is compulsory (The world factbook 2012)

Ethiopian defense force could able to ensure & protect the peoples, nations and nationalities of Ethiopia through reliable and sustainable peace that make people of Ethiopia to enjoy stable, calm and peaceful way of life in any circumstances at all level, in every aspect of societal, economical, cultural, emotional, physiological and spiritual well-being as well as Ethiopian arms are not only for defense but also they are developmental arms in terms of contributing country’s developmental goals like growth, & transformation plans and other economic developments strategic directions. National defense force has industry sector that manufactures & produces automobile vehicles, various types of military equipments, construction materials, and academic teaching institutions which trains a high level professionals like Medical Doctors and the like.

Furthermore, Ethiopia has long history in supporting UN peacekeeping missions since 1950s when Ethiopian contingent deployed Korea under the principle of United Nations collective security. Ethiopia has took parts peacekeeping missions in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Liberia and currently serving in Darfur, south Sudan, Somalia and united nations interim for Abyei (UNISFA) is entire composed Ethiopian troops. Ethiopia is the leading country from Africa and 4th country in worldwide that services UN peacekeeping missions. (6 Feb, 2015, Meseret Bekele.

Ethiopian troops in UN peacekeeping missions are also undertaking humanitarian projects apart from military operation such as rehabilitation of roads, bridges and school infrastructure. They have also assisted in the monitoring and reporting of any illegal movements of Liberia’s natural resources, such as rubber, timber and precious minerals. The Ethiopian troops in Liberia was awarded with UN Peacekeeping medals for their invaluable contribution to the peace process in 2000 E.c. (

Ethiopian troops has three strategic components during international operations in UN peacekeeping mission, first direct involvement of peacekeeping missions, second through mediation and the third one combating against terrorist groups to dry out terrorism from the source" said Abebe Aynete" head of Peace and Security Research Department at Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development.

Further, President Obama has repeatedly expressed his administration’s keen interest in learning from Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism (CT) efforts and its counter-insurgency (COIN) strategy, which I call the "Ethiopian Doctrine" on CT and COIN. (HORN AFFAIRS-ENGLISH 2015) The cooperation and leadership on the part of Ethiopia is making a difference, our counterterrorism cooperation and the partnership that we have formed with Ethiopia is critical to our overall efforts to defeat terrorism."Said Obama"

When it comes to regional concerns on September 3, 2015 Ethiopian National Defense Force Ceremonial Day was highly organized and celebrated in Jigjiga the capital city of Somali regional state particularly; eastern division. The ceremony were participated highest military ranks, highest special police force ranks of Somali region (Liyu Police), highest political leaderships of regional state and national government officials, various segments of community in Somali region, particularly, elders, community & religious leaders, women & youth organization, educated elites of Somali region, entrainment bands including interested traditional songs (dhaanto), and other prominent public figure. And everybody among participants of Ethiopia national defense force ceremony in jigjiga was excited, appreciated, and well acknowledged how this historic event was prepared and organized.

The people of the region, together with Ethiopian National Defense force, Somali region Liyu Police, Somali regional state of Ethiopia and national government have common goals towards security, stability and development of Somali region of Ethiopia and Ethiopia country at large.

It was worth noting to mention subsequent achievements recorded by the Ethiopian national defense force in stabilizing security in the horn of Africa and other regions of Africa in UN peacekeeping missions for the countries affected conflicts and instabilities. Ethiopia military is known with resistance to harsh environment and obey law & order to each other and respect human rights during military operation against international terrorist like al-shabab and other armed anti-government insurgents like ONLF, al-etihad & OLF.

Ethiopian national defense force has a unique meaningful and importance for the people of Somali region in stabilizing long term security related threats together with special police force of region known as LIYU POLICE that made it possible to implement developmental programs across the region in accordance to its primary plan of actions. Due to stabilized security of the region, we can see & witnessed promising developmental progress and reliable security which is evidenced today in Somali region of Ethiopia.

Further, the people of Somali together with regional state authorities are very proud and value to national defense force for successfully stabilized the ethiopia country; particularly, in Somali region. furthermore, international military operations in UN peacekeeping missions carrying out with various countries affected by violence and conflicts in entire Africa continent.

Therefore, all these above mentioned efforts & success in various aspects have promotionally increased the international roles, credibility and reputations of Ethiopian national defense forces. Finally I can say Ethiopian national defense force and people of Somali region is like a stick and its outer layer that cannot be separated and it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge somali region Liyu police efforts and success in battle field advancement against al-shabab that Ethiopian national defense force rewarded certificate of appreciation during last week.

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