Notice on Awaday Khat is Poisened

Jigjiga(Cakaaranews)Friday 15ka September 2017. It has been reported that AwadeyKhat had poisoned because only Somalis chew this type of Khat. The reason that other types of Khat were not poisoned is behind identifying the only consumers of AwadeyKhat areSomali community butOromo people had got great conspiracy of hate rate. Inaddition to this now blood of innocent Somalis was dropped upon this Khat while other types of Khat also is planned to add a poison and toxic chemicals when they (Oromo) are importing to Somali areas. Furthermore, it has been reported that eight persons whose suffers the toxics of Khatare taken to the hospitals and several persons are died.

Poisoning the Khat, is a purpose of harming the lever and human sexual reproductive organs. Therefore, it is has been noticing to all Somalis to give up or stop chewing AwadayKhat and declare that they can be free from chewing Khat generally and AwadeyKhat Specially and also feel the conspiracy.  In the other side, it has been motivating to Somali Khat traders to stop selling poisoned Khat. Selling Khat is similarly mean of poisoning and killing to his/her Somali people.