President CMC Traveled to Eid (Ciid) Area

Jigjiga (Cakaaranews) Thursday 21th September 2017. ESRS President Mr. Abdi Mohamoud Omar leading high delegation officials travelled from capital city Jigjiga to Ciid area to officially lunch for service the newly constructed (drilled) deep wells and Water Supply Projects. Mr President Abdi will open several (boreholes) deep drilled Wells and water supply projects which was implemented In the region especially the area that was not ever got opportunity to drink clean water and the Birkot -danot water Supply Project cover a distance of 160 KM of high elevation level area of the Somali region. This water supply project is giving clean water service for Birqod, gunagado, marsin danood waredas and also there is another project which will give service for banka xaguugo and gaashaamo.

Therefore, President and his delegations will continue their trip to Ciid area for opening newly constructed deep wells (Boreholes) and water supply projects