President CMC and Delegation continue BBC Journey of Launching Long Boreholes at Ciid Area

Danod(Cakaaranews) Sunday 24thSeptember 2017. ESRS president mr. Abdi Mohamoud Omar and delegation who last night slept at Marsin woredas are continuing their Journey named BBC of launching second round range land water supply project of Birqod, Gunagado, Dig,Marsin,Danood and Gashamo. Regarding to this, his excellence President Mr. CMC and delegation launched three boreholes drilled in high level elevation area of Ciid. These new boreholes are contained one borehole drilled at Marsin woreda, one CeelBaxay Kebele of Gashamo woreda and the other borehole constructed inside Gashamo woreda. During drilling and construction of these boreholes more than 11 million Birr of budget was expended to finish the work of the boreholes. However, this is first time in history that ever drilled long boreholes at Ciid area.

So the president and delegation marked the official commencement of the construction of supply water at Ceelbaxay,Gashamo and Balijano or an area of 150 KM. it has been allocated 200 million Birr to implement this water supply project and complete with in two years of this project life span.  Finally, the delegation remained to sleep Danod woreda where they are expecting to launch 600 M long borehole tomorrow.