Jigjiga University Made Warm Welcoming to Its 2010 Academic Year Student

Jigjiga,(cakaaranews)Tuesday, 10th October, 2017. Today Warm welcoming was made for Jigjiga University’s student after they returned back to Jigjiga city from the completing of their annual vacation. These students came from all the 9 regions and 2 city councils of the country. This worm welcoming was performed by Jigjiga University administration, Jigjiga city administration, religious leaders, traditional leaders and all parts of the community live in Jigjiga city.

During this event, Jigjiga University vice president Mr. Ilyas Omar articulated his word in the opening of welcoming ceremony and said on behalf of university administration today I am very pleasant to welcome our student coming to Jigjiga City after when they completed their summer vacation and starting their 2010 education. The president directed to the student to perform further efforts for their education to achieve better result since they are future professionals of the country.

On the other hand, different religious leaders of Jigjiga city talked to the student during the welcoming ceremony and said that they are happy to welcome Jigjiga university students coming to start their 2010 academic. The religious leaders encouraged the students to perform better endeavor to their education in order to actively participate future national growth and transformation plan.

Furthermore, some of the students expressed their feelings towards the welcoming, and told that they are very happy to see this welcoming occasion and how Jigjiga city community are happy to accept and boldly welcome all students of Jigjiga university to take their education inside the city peacefully and tranquility.

Therefore, we are expecting that this year the university receive more than eight thousand students who come from different regions of the country for taking their first and second degree education in the university.