Meeting on Strengthening Advancement of Regional Development Plan Started At Jigjiga City.

Jigjiga,(cakaaranews) Tuesday, November 2017. Today, strengthening regional strategic plan implementations and environmental protection meeting was started at Jigjiga City. Different levels of ESRS administration was participated this meeting.

At the first time of the regional history, Kebele level administration was participated this meeting.

During the opening of this meeting, ESRS President H.E Abdi Mohamoud Omar addressed agendas and purpose of the meeting. He said the main purpose of this meeting is to strengthen the advancement developmental strategic plan of the region especially prevention and protection of the environment for   deforestation and prevention of illegal rangeland conservancies. Also the president told that on this meeting will be discussed enhancing implementation of overall regional development plans. 

On the other hand, parts of Kebele administrators expressed their thought towards ensuring prevention of deforestation and they said “it’s very important to protect the environment for deforestation and to end illegal rangeland conservancies that some part of the community is constructing”. They promised that they together will implement the strategic plan towards this issue.     

 Therefore, this meeting will continue to the following days at Kaali Conference hall in Jigjiga City.