Peace Development & Democracy Public Consultative Forum Committee Arrived Jigjiga City

Jigjiga (Cakaaranews) Tuesday, 7th November 2017. National peace, development & democracy public consultative forum committee had arrived today ESRS capital city of Jigjiga. Moreover, on their arrival, the regional state leaders and traditional elders have warmly welcomed the committee.

The committee’s visitation in the region aimed to create durable solution on the border conflict between Oromo and Somali regions. After that, ESRS president HE Abdi Mohamoud Omar and regional traditional leaders organized meeting for taking discussion to the committee. During the meeting, the committee scheduled peace and conflict resolution conference, which delegations of the two regions (Somali and Oromo) will participate. The delegations will be contained 400 members including federal government higher officials.  

Finally, ESRS president and traditional elders on the occasion acknowledged the efforts of the federal government creating sustainable peace and end conflict between the two regions. Again, they mentioned that Somali community are eager to end the conflict and create durable peace and stability between Somali and Oromo people.