Melbourne (Cakaaranews) Sunday, April 1st, 2018.  ESRS Diaspora Community in Melbourne  Australia  have Hosted the 20th anniversary of Ethiopian Somali peoples democratic party(ESPDP)

Ethiopian Somali regional Diaspora Community in Australia have organized a Colorful Events To Mark the 20th anniversary of ESPDP, the Community Have Invited Other Community Leaders  and all its Members to Participate This Historical Events

On the other side The advisor of ESRS president towards Complaints  and Diaspora bureau  head Mr. Abdirazak Sahane  Have Participated the Event Via Telephone Conference Having Informed The Australian Somali diaspora Community  About The Regional Developments reached in a few years of different sectors such as pure water, food security, Road infrastructures, modern bridges, Agricultural Developments, health accesses  and improving educational Levels.

ESRS Diaspora bureau head Have also Briefed to the Community about The Achievements of ESPDP for the past 10 years in accordance of Housing, Job creation for the Youth and women empowerments as well as general developments of basic infrastructures of the societies life. Mr Abdirizak have added that the Regional Government achieved successfully in   public relations by communicating in and outside of the Country to be connected and engage The Diaspora Community in Investing their Region

Finally The bureau head have Deeply and sincerely Appreciated   the Ethiopia Somali Diaspora community in Australia and those Around The world for their Support  to their  Regional Government and The Party also.

ESRS Diaspora Head have Sent a General message to the Diaspora Community  living in and Around the world To speed up their efforts and supports to stand with their  government and Party,  and to invest back their Motherland

In the end, the Somali diaspora community of Australia thanksgiving to the head for his precious time pledged that they will continue their support and fill their position toward the region’s tremendous achievements in everywhere.