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Moving Molten Moon Core

Scientists have speculated for years if the moon actually had a moving molten core, due to the strong gravitational pull of the Earth. Recent analysis of 30-year-old data supplies solid information about the layering of the core, and indicates like Earth, the moon has an inner core of rock, enveloped by a molten outer core.

Apollo astronauts planted seismic sensors on the surface in the 1970s, signals from these instruments have received a fresh look using the power of present day computers. Four seismometers positioned on the moon by astronauts from 1969 to 1972 during the six manned moon landings provided the data currently being analyzed. The instruments recorded data and relayed it back to Earth until 1977.

Renee Weber of NASA’s Marshall Flight Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama stated the seismic data was too noisy to confidently image the moon.

A new unprecedented technique used to examine earthquake data provided direct information about the core of the moon. Apollo rocket stages of Saturn moon rockets, and moon landers were crashed unto the surface to calibrate the network of seismometers. Information from the seismometers continued until 1977, when the instruments were shut down. Meteoroid impacts and moonquakes supplied most of the data.

Deep moonquakes, occurring about 435 miles below the surface, accounted for more than 6,000 seismic signals. Each specific region where the moonquakes occurred produced repeatable seismic waveform signals. It is easy to see different waveforms and seismic phases on Earth, but the moon has a more fractured surface, seismic energy reaching the surface is blurred and smeared.

Using computing techniques to clear up the signals and rearrange stacks of data renders a clearer measurement of the interior of the moon. The time it takes for a moonquake to travel through the moon is affected by density and size of the moon’s core, using the stacked data and a clear measurement, Weber’s team could predict when a theoretical wave would reach a certain place and allow them to compute the structure and size of the core with precision.

Meanwhile, other scientists are speculating about recent evidence of water within the moving molten core of the moon. These scientists are using data detected with NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3), describing it as “magmatic water,” using analysis conducted on moon rocks from four decades ago.

Using NASA’s M3 images of an impact crater containing measurable amounts of hydroxyl, hints of water that once existed beneath the lunar surface. The find is significant because this information is garnered from deep within a crater and not on the surface.

Solar winds can impact the moon and create molecules of water when striking the surface. More evidence of unusual happenings on the moon, and in conjunction with the earth, are also being declared. NASA has announced measurable bulging, using satellites, on the moon and the Earth due to the strong gravitational pull between the two planets.

On the earth it is obvious, as those living near any ocean can attest to, as they observe the tides moving in and out. On the moon the effect is called a lunar body tide, is more difficult to observe as the moon is solid, excepting the molten core. Earth’s strong pull on the life-less satellite causes a bulge, raising the surface about 20 inches both on the far side and the near side of the moon.

Moon The accurate measurement was recorded with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Satellite. NASA is using this instrument to map the features on the surface of the moon and their various heights, together with another of NASA’s satellites, the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory satellite, mapping the gravitational field of the moon. Measuring the height of 350,000 locations around areas of the moon closest to Earth and areas on the opposite side from Earth.

\Passing over the moon several times, the satellites provide varying data on the heights and compare which places with height differences, enabling an accurate measurement of the lunar tide. Molten moving moon cores, lunar tides and magmatic water are new information streams about a silent, lonely satellite still giving release new secrets through modern instruments and some not so new.

Most of the scientific studies of the moon have been from the ground we all call home, now satellite instrumentation is confirming theories and suppositions previously constructed from the big blue marble.

By Andy Towle Sources: International Business Weekly Techno Buffalo ForbesS Huffington Post Window 2 Universe Read more at

Google Cannot Help Dads Searching for Changing Tables

Google Cannot Help Dads Searching for Changing Tables Added by Sarah Gallagher on June 24, 2014. Saved under Google, Opinion, Sarah Gallagher, Technology Tags: google Google Google can find almost any information on the internet, but one thing it cannot do is help a dad who is in search of a changing table.

A clean place to change your child’s diaper does not seem like too much to ask, and a growing number of dads on diaper duty are becoming more and more frustrated about this issue.

Google the term, “men’s rooms with changing tables,” and the site returns countless articles about fathers’ growing frustration of finding a a somewhat sterile space to execute a diaper change. Although it does happen, mothers rarely have this issue.

After trying several different men’s rooms, one undercover dad reporting to the Today show had to resort to going into the stall and laying his infant daughter on the floor in order to change her diaper.

The men’s room is notoriously one of the filthiest areas in an establishment with urine and feces sometimes on the floor where dads are being forced to change their children’s diapers, who at this point are screaming their heads off because they cannot just Google the nearest changing table. A search engine will not find a changing table, dad.

Better yet, instead of making dads in search of changing tables Google the nearest men’s room with one, help dads out by making changing tables mandatory in all public restrooms. Out of the five restrooms the undercover dad visited, only one got it right with a changing station in the men’s room. In 1960 and before, this was a job that was reserved for mothers, but having this problem in 2014 is completely inexcusable! Today, the roles of dads have completely changed 360 degrees, and women and men share the duties that were once reserved only for women. These are societal constructs that have set up the roles of male and female parents.

They are not biologically predisposed. As for gay dads, they are completely out of luck and must resort to the practice of many other dads: going into the men’s room stall and changing the baby on the disgusting floor soaked in urine.

The situation has slightly improved compared with a few years ago. Several states and cities are enacting legislation to give dads an equal opportunity to change their kids’ diapers in a public place.

It is not fair to make the moms change dirty diapers 100 percent of the time during family outings. Currently in California, two separate bills have been passed through the Senate, each mandating changing tables in men’s public restrooms but these bills are waiting to be heard by the State Assembly. Miami now requires them in all new and remodeled establishments. Lastly, San Francisco orders public-serving businesses to have changing table that are accessible to both men and women. Hopefully, other states will catch on to this gender disparity and realize that dads cannot simply search Google for the nearest changing table.

The closest thing there is to searching Google for a changing table is one smart dad’s blog, Changing Tables For Dads. In his blog he humorously discusses the woes shared by dads all over the world, and praises the public establishments that do cater to the needs of single dads, gay dads, or just plain dads.

The only thing that might be more helpful to dads is a smartphone app that pinpoints the nearest men’s restroom with a baby changing station.

Opinion by Sarah Gallagher Sources: Today National Post Changing Tables for Dads Read more at


MidnimoHeshiisyada nabadeed iyo isbadalada ka socda dawlad deegaanka soomaalida waa kuwo rajo ku beeraya muwaadinkasta oo ka soo jeeda dhulkaasi, waa wax lagu farxo in jabhadihii degta ku sitay qoriga ay si nabadeed ku dhexjoogaan dalkooda iyo dadkooga iyaga oo kala shaqaynaya sidii dawlad deegaankeena uga hirgali lahayd nolol la isku halayn karo.
Waxa ay meel ku leedahay dhaqankeena iyo diinteena inaan udamaashaadno barwaaqada iyo xili roobaadka inaga oo ilaahay ku mahadinayna taasi oo isku keeni jirtay dadka ay abaartu kala irdhaysay iyaga oo xiligaasi aan wakhti isu heli jirin. dabcan waa lagu samraa dhibaatada iyo mushkiladaha balse nimcada Alle iyo isbadalada ayaan noqon karin kuwo uu qofku qarsan karo taasi oo sida ay sheegeen xeeldheerayaasha amuuraha islaamku ay noqon karto mid geesmar ku ah diinteena, waxa laga hayaa nabi muxamed S.c.W inuu yidhi ilaahay waxa uu jecelyahay in adoonkiisa ay ka muuqato raadka deeqdiisu. waa mid aan hadal ka taagnayn in la gaadhay xiligii aan si wadajir ah ugu damaashaadi lahayn bilawga cusub iyo wajiyada nabadeed ee deegaankeena. waxan leehanay daruurta iyo roobka noo da'aybaan dadkayoow udabaal dagaynaa!

Dhawkii sano ee la soo dhaafay waxa uu horumarka dalkeenu la dhutiyay mashaakil ka jiray gudaha dalka iyo dibada kuwaasi oo haatan rabi laga baryi in baaqiga haray uu tusiyo jidka iyo samaha bulshada dawlad deegaanka soomaaliyeed.Hambalyo
Isbadalada haatan ka jira deegaanka sida kuwa laga  sameeyay dhinaca maamulka waa hanaan wanaagsan oo  fursad u ah dhamaan danaha bulshadeena waxana la gudboon indheergaradka aqoonyahanka iyo qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada dal iyo dibad in si wadajir ah loogala shaqeeyo dawlada danta guud ee umadeena inaga oo meel iska dhigayna dano shakhsiyeedka iyo shakhsi jacaylka

Waxa la gudboon shacabkeena iyo hogaanka dawladeena cusub sidii ay si wada jir ah uyeelan lahaayeen shaqo wadareed "Teamwork"  ku dhisan xilkasnimo wadaniyad iyo karti si aan u xaqiijino xuquuqaheena dastuuriga ah... waana wax lagu farxo oo udhacay hanaan lagu kala calaf qaaday doorasho isbadaladii ku yimi maamulka waana markii u horaysay ee taariikhda deegaankeena si niyadsami ah oo bisayl ah la arko masuuliyiin si wadajir ah isugu bogaadinaya xilalka, waxan ka fili shacabka inay mahadiyaan waxqabadkii mudada dheer soo jiray ee uu la yimid madaxwayne Daa'uud Maxamed Cali sida hirgalintii hanaanka anshaxa shaqada iyo shaqaalaha sido kale halgankiisii dhinaca aqoonta ku dhiirigaliyay boqolaal shaqaale ah oo xeerjajab iyo shahaado  been abuur ah ku shaqaynayay
Hogaaminta SareDawladan Cusub oo ah dawlad nabadgalyo waxa rajo wayn laga qabaa in shacabku si iskiis ah uu ugu dhiiranyahay sidii uu usii xoojin lahaa nabadgalada si loo dardar galiyo horumarka
Waxan shaki ku jirin in umad isu dan ah ayna marnaba fashilmayn hadii ay uguntadaan sidii ay u xaqiijin lahaayeen himiladooda, waxa lagu xaqiijin karaa amuuraha noocaas ah marka ay isla jaanqaadaan shakhsiyaadka bulshada hormoodka u ah sida hogaaminta siyaasiga ah aqoonyahanada ardayda cuqaasha iyo suugaanlayda iyo dabcan qaybaha muhiimka ah ee bulshada
Waxan ilaahay uga baryaynaa in xilka uu ku asturo madaxwaynaha cusub shacabkiisuna ku garab galo sidii danta guud loo xaqiijin lahaa
waxan gabagabadii umahadnaqayaa wasiirka warfaafinta deegaanka soomaalida oo runtii si wanaagsan udhisay ra'yal caamka bulshadeena ee dal iyo dibad isaga oo si wanaagsan qalbiyadooda si casri ah usoo jiitay......... waxana usii rajaynaynaa in bulshada gudaha uu si wanaagsan ugu sii muujiyo haan bisayl iyo wacyi galin..............
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Ra'i(CakaaraRa'i) Jimce May 24,2013.The sun of freedom rose in Jubbaland as it has risen repeatedly for many oppressed people in the history mankind. Freedom fighter, Son of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam has sown what he harvested. After long just struggle for the freedom of his people and country, Ahmed Mohamed Islam was at last sworn as the first president of Jubbaland on may 15th 2013. What a happy and wonderful ending ! I am really really proud of you ! To Ahmed I say Congratulations !!! You really earned the prestige you got.

You must feel like Nelson Mandela did the day he was promoted from a jail inmate to the presidency. I am sure you will fulfill your sworn duty accordingly and pray to the Almighty ALLAH to assist you in your historic role as the true leader of his people. To all my Somali brothers and sisters all over the world, I say let us give our unwavering support and helping hand to the success of this new administration and as such the people of Jubbaland who have been through uncountable and an unimaginable suffering.

They look up to us for help in this time of their dire need. Let say in unison "people of Jubbaland - we are here for you" ! To the current Somali government I say, your attitude towards Jubbaland has made you the laughing stock of the International Community. Every one of them is perplexed and wondering why on earth you are creating a rift between your people and thus instigate a return to the civil war - the civil war that wreaked havoc and destruction on your people for over the last two decades!

The same civil war you were mandated to heal ! Please stop these none sense and accept the will of your people in Jubbaland by endorsing his excellency president Ahmed Mohamed Islam before time runs out on you. I wonder, as world opinion does, how on earth you can ignore their 100% allegiance to you and the Somali Unity you always say is [Muqads] sacred. I think you don't support this Somali Unity you breach after all.

Your action towards Jubbaland people verifies that loudly and clearly. But let me tell you one definite thing. If you don't correct this historical blunder of yours then surely you will be relegated in history as the father who refused the embrace of his loving child [ as President Ahmed has stated wisely]. Heed my advice other wise bask in the shame the whole world is already bestowing on you. You got the choice. Either save yourself or destruct yourself. It is your choice, no one else's.

Remember though - the train of history will keep on rolling with or with out you and the people of Jubbaland will defend their will to the last for they have many many friends you can't reckon ! Again Salute to you - his Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Islam - first president of Jubbaland.

-- an avid supporter of Jubbaland -- Mohamed Ali Kahin

Nabadi Waa Door: Nabaddu Waa Dahab Mudan In La Doorto, Waana Danta Ummadda

altNabadi Waa Door: Nabaddu Waa Dahab Mudan In La Doorto, Waana Danta Ummadda. By: Maxamed C. Gurxan

Labada magac guud ee “Nabad iyo colaad” waa kuwo aad u da’ wayn, lana kowsaday jiritaanka aadanaha. Ka hor intaan taariikhda la qorin, xilli-taariikheedyada loo yaqaanno “Waayadii arahsiga” iyo “Waayadii ugaadhsiga” dadka waa ay dhexmari jireen colaad iyo nabad labaduba, balse hadba midka ay doortaan labada qolo ee is haysaa, ayay dhaqayadeed maali jireen. Kuwa colaadda doorta, waxay u badnayd, in ay labaduba tirtirmaan ama in midkood la jabiyo oo la gumeeyo. Kuwa nabadda doorta, waxay u badnayd, in labaduba badhaadhaan oo nabad ku wada noolaadaan. Waayadaas, aaladaha iyo xeeladaha dagaal ee la adeegsan jiray waxay ahaayeen kuwo waxyeeladoodu aad u yar tahay, una kooban tahay.

Taariikhda la qoray, xilliga loo yaqaanno “Waayadii hore” waxaa ku xusan ummado iyo qabaa’il tirtirmay, sababta ugu wayn ee baaba’oodana ay ahayd colaad iyo masiibooyin laga dhaxlay khilaafkaas. Waxaan tusaale u soo qaadan karnaa ummadahaas suulay: Boqortooyadii dadkii Maaya ee Koonfurta Ameerika oo tirtirantay abaara sannadkii 909 C.D. iyo qabaa’ilkii Anasasi, Mesa iyo Hohokam ee Waqooyiga Amerika oo iyana jiritaankoodii lumay intii u dhaxaysay 1100 – 1500C.D.


Colaad waa khilaaf dhexmara dad, oo af iyo addinba la isku waxyeeleeyo. Colaaddu marka ay gaamurto, dhinacyada is hayaa sida badan, waxyeello isuma reebtaan. Dhibka colaadda iyo dagaalanku keenaan, sida dadka qaar u yaqaan, ma aha rag dhinta ama dhaawacma oo kaliya, balse colaadda, haddii aan la dabaqaban, waxay leedahay saamayn badan oo kale, oo qaar durba laga soo kaban karo, qaarna ay adag tahay sida looga soo waaqsadaa. Bal aynu isla eegno dhawr arimood oo ka mid ah saamaynta iyo raadka ay colaaddu ku yeelato dadka iyo deegaankoodaba:
Ammaanka iyo caddaaladda.

Marka ay meel tahay goob colaadeed waxaa luma ammaankii iyo caddaaladdii bulshada. Dambiile kasta oo qof dila ama gabadh kufsada ama dad dhaca ama hanti dawladeed lunsada wuxuu fursad u helayaa inuu baxsado oo ku biiro kuwa nabad-diidka ah, wuxuuna halkii ka sii wadaa dambiilenimadiisii isagoo garab ka helaya kuwaa uu la jaalka noqday.

Waxaa ku adkaanaysa dadka shacabka ah inay si nabad ah isaga dhex gooshaan degmooyinka iyo gobolladooda. Waxaana adkaata in sharciga siduu ahaa loo fuliyo.

Ammaan daradu waxay keentaa barakac bulsho. Dadka shacabka ah, gaar ahaanna kuwa maatada danyarta ah, oo nolol-maalmeedkooda ku soo saarta muruqoodu, uma adkaysan karaan colaadda. Waxayna u dagaagaan hadba meeshii nabad ah ee ay u arkaan inay ka heli karaan nabad iyo nolol. Barakaca bulshada ee noocan ahuna wuxuu saamayn ku yeeshaa inay colaaddu sii daba-dheeraato.


Waxaynu wada ogsoon nahay in meesha ay colaadi ka jirto uusan ka jiri karin horumar dhaqaale oo taabbagal noqon kara. Dagaalku wuxuu baabi’iyaa ama yareeyaa waxsoosaarka beeraha iyo xoolaha iyo ganacsigaba. Waxaa istaaga ama yaraada socodka gaadiidka. Waxaa istaaga ama jiitama mashaariicda horumarita sida: dhismaha jidadka; biyo-xidheenada iyo warshadaha; hirgalinta mashaariicda beeraha; xoolaha. Dadka wax haystaayu way kala tagaan hantidooda halkaas; mana jirayso maalgalin hantiilayaasha gudaha ama kuwa dibaddu ay ka samaynayaan goobtaas colaadeed. Socotada, sida booqdayaasha ama dalxiisayaasha, oo dakhli badan laga helo, iyana ma tagaan goob colaadeed. Nolosha bulshaduna cidhiidhi ayay gashaa.

Adeegga bulshada

Colaaddu saamayn aad u ballaadhan ayay ku yeelataa adeegga bulshada. Haddii aanay meeli nabad ahay way adag tahay in si fiican looga hirgaliyo adeegyada caafimaadka; waxbarashada; isgaadhsiinta; gaadiidka; iwm. Waxayna goobtaasu noqotaa go’doon, iyadoo uu ku yimaaddo dibudhac dhan kasta saameeya bulshada markaas iyo mustaqbalka fogba. Sidoo kale, colaaddu waxay saamayn ku yeelataa habsami u socodkii maamulka iyo hawlihii loo hayay bulshada. 


Dhulka ay colaadi ka jirto waxaa lagu yaqaanaa shaqo la’aan ku baahsan bulshada. Dadku, gaar ahaanna dhalinyaradu, marka ay shaqo la’aan yihiin waxay billaabaan inay isticmaalaan mukhaadaraad kala duwan. Waxaa aad ugu bata magaalooyinka sigaar cabidda iyo qayilaadda jaadka; iyo waliba qaar billaaba inay khamriga cabbaan. Sidoo kale, waxaa bata macsida; beenta; tuugada; iwm. Waxaana guud ahaan calwa dhaqankii suubanaa ee bulshadu lahayd. Shaqo la’aantu, waxaa kaloo ay dhalinyarada bartaa, waxa loo yaqaanno shaxaadka, oo ah dawarsi magaca loo duway. Ugu dambaystana waxay ka dhigtaa wax matarayaal.

Deegaanka dabiiciga ah

Saamaynta ugu wayn ee colaaddu waa midda deegaanka dabiicaga ah. Afarta arimood ee aynu soo sheegnay ee colaaddu reebto waa kuwo wakhti gaaban gudihii laga soo kaban karo, balse middan deegaanka dabiiciga ah way adag tahay in dhakhso looga soo kabto.

Ilaalinta deegaanka dabiiciga ahu wuxuu lagama maarmaan u yahay nolosha dadka, xoolaha iyo xayawaanka kaleba. Degmada ay colaadi ka jirto waxaa ku dhaca nabaadguur aan xad lahayn. Xoolo dhaqatadu waxay ku xoomaan meelo gaar ah oo ay ammaan bidayaan dabadeed xaalufiyaan dhirtii iyo daaqiiba. Waxaa si aan xad lahayn loo laayaa ugaadha, oo inta hadhaana ay ka qaxdaa meeshaas xabaddu ka jirto. Nabad-diidku si aan naxariis lahayn ayay u jaraan dhirta, iyagoon waxba u aabayeelayn. Waxay jaraan dhirta waawayn oo dhuxul ka dubaan, si ay dakhli uga helaan. Ammaanka awgeed dadka degmadu meel fog xaabo uma doontaan, waxayse xaalufiyaan kaymihii degmada ku dhawaa oo idil. Mashaariic dib u dhiraynna lagama fulin karo goobtaas.

Xaalufinta dhirta iyo daaqu waxay keentaa in ay u sahlanaato dabayshu in ay siigo kiciso. Dhulkiina wuxuu tartiib isu baddalaa lamadegaan aanay waxba ka bixin, cidina ku noolaan karin.


Sida aynu ka soo sheekaynay colaaddu dan uma aha dadka, duunyada iyo deegaanka midnaba. Danta dadka iyo deegaanku waxay ku jirtaa nabadda iyo xasiloonida. Marka ay dagmadu nabad tahay, dadkeedu waxay aroortii u wada dareeraan shaqo iyo waxbarasho. Waxayna dadaal u galaan sidii ay noloshooda kor ugu soo qaadi lahaayeen dhan kastaba. Waxay dhistaan guryo iyo goobo ganacsi oo rasmi ah.

Meesha nabadi ka jirto waxaa ka jira farxad iyo rayrayn, waxaana ku badan damaashaadka xafladaha aroosyada, iidaha iyo dhalashada. Halka ay colaadi ka jirtose waxaa ku badan aasayda, tacsida, agoonta iyo naafada.


Dawladda Jamhuuriyadda Dimoqraadiga ee Xidhiidhka Itoobiya iyo tan Deegaanka Qawmiyadda Soomaalida labaduba waxay dadaal ballaadhan, oo aan hagar lahayn u galeen sugidda ammaanka iyo horumarinta shacbiga Deegaanka Soomaalida.

Inkastoo madaxwaynaha, hoggaanada iyo xafiisyada kala duwan ee deegaanku ay muujiyeen waxqabad iyo dadaal dheeraad ah oo lagaga shaqaynayo danaha shacbiga, haddana waxaa mudan in si gaar ah loo xuso hoggaanka caddaaladda iyo nabadgelyada iyo waliba xafiiska warfaafinta, dhaqanka iyo dalxiiska, oo si gaar ah door wayn uga qaatay arimaha nabadgelyada iyo amniga.

Tan iyo intii xilka Hoggaanka Caddaaladda iyo Nabadgalyada uu qabtay Mudane Cabdi Maxamed Cumar, wuxuu hoggaanku waxay wayn ka qabtay nabadda iyo xasiloonida. Isagoo hogaanku mudnaanta kowaad siinaya danta guud ee shacabka, ogsoonna inaan caddaalad la samayn karin nabadgelyo la’aanteed, kana duulaya maahmaahda faca wayn ee Laatiinka ah ee odhanaysa, “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” Oo macnaheedu yahay “Haddaad rabto nabad, u diyaar noqo dagaal.” Si uu nabadda u sugo, wuxuu dhisay ciidanka awoodda badan ee sida gaarka ah u tababaran loona yaqaanno Liyuu Booliiska.

Ciidanka Liyuu Booliiska, oo ka kooban dhalinyaro laga soo xulay deegaanka, oo af, dhaqan iyo diinba la wadaaga shacabku, wuxuu awood u yeeshay inuu gaadho ceel kasta iyo tuulo kasta, oo cagta mariyo maxaysatada nabad-diidka ah ee dibindaabyada ku hayay ummadda. Wuxuuna intuu ciidanku jiray ka soo hoyiyay guulo waxku ool ah oo la taaban karo ammaanka gudaha ee deegaanka.

Sidoo kale, wuxuu ciidanka Liyuu Booliisku daboolay irdaha xuduudada caalamiga ah ee deegaanku la wadaago waddamada dariska, isagoo xakameeyay dhaqdhaqaaqii dadka iyo gaadiidka sida sharci darada ah ku soo gali jiray ama kaga bixi jiray waddanka.

Xafiiska warfaafinta, dhaqanka iyo dalxiiska, gaar ahaanna madaxa xafiiska Mudane Guuleed Casoowe, wuxuu isna kaalin xoog leh ka qaatay fidinta wararka xaaladaha dhabta ah ee ka jira deegaanka iyo waliba xidhiidhinta iyo kasbashada muwaadiniinta ku nool deegaanka gudihiisa iyo kuwa qurbo-joogta ah labadaba. Wuxuu xafiisku wax wayn ka baddalay, isla markaana beeniyay dacaayadihii beenta ahaa ee ay nabad-diidku ka fidin jireen dawladda deegaanka iyo tan xidhiidhka labadaba. Wuxuuna ku guulaystay inuu xogta dhabta ah gaadhsiiyo dunida dacaladeeda oo dhan. “Xog la helaa, talo la helaaye.” Dad badan oo hore ay nabad-diidku u khaldeen markii ay xaqiiqada ogaadeen, waa ay ka soo noqdeen khaladkii, waxayna goosteen inay dawladdooda garabsadaan, danta dadkoodana ka shaqeeyaan.

Dhanka kale, dawladda xidhiidhka iyo tan deegaankuba waxay dadaal dheer u galeen sidii heshiis iyo wadahadal loogu xallin lahaa wixii dhib jira, cid kasta oo u diyaar ah in, si nabad, dimoqraadiyad iyo caddaalad ah wax loo wadaagana, waxaa loogu baaqay in ay yimaadaan miiska wada xaajoodka.

Dadaalkan ay xal nabadeed dawladdu ku raadinaysay wuxuu kasbay in jabhadda UWSLF ay miiska timaaddo, oo si geesinimo leh u doorato in khilaafkii ay ka tanaasulaan, nabadna ay u doortaan dadkooda iyo dantoodaba.

Waxaa iyana ammaan iyo bogaadin mudan golaha sare ee jabhadda ONLF, oo baaqii nabadda ee dawladda gacmo furan ku soo dhaweeyay. Waxaana ku dhiirigalinaynaa golaha sare ee ONLF inuu raaco tubta UWSLF, oo dadkiisa, dalkiisa iyo dantiisaba u doorto in mudnaanta kowaad ay siiyaan sidii wax walba nabad lagu xallin lahaa.


Dawladdu waxay ka kooban tahay shakhsiyaad ka soo dhex baxay, oo uu soo doortay shacabka waddanku. Haddana, waa hay’adda ugu saraysa ee haysa talada waddan ama deegaan. Dawladdu waxay leedahay ama haysataa ciidan, dhaqaale, hawl-wadeenno, qalab iyo awood ballaadhan oo ay ku fuliso qorshaheeda, kuna sugto ammaankeeda.

Hase yeeshee, si hawlaha ay dawladdu u qabanayso dadkeedu ay u noqdaan kuwo taabbagala oo midhihiisa laga rabay iyo wax ka badan dhala, waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in shacabkuna uu kaalintiisa qaato, oo garab istaago xukuumaddiisa. Haddii mas’uulka dadkii soo doortayu aanay garab buuxa siin, siduu ugu qaban karaa wixii ay ka rabeen inuu u qabto?

Sidaan hore uga soo faaloonay, nabaddu waa danta shacabka. Haddana, si nabad buuxda loo helo, xilka ugu horeeya, uguna waynu wuxuu saaran yahay waa shacabka deegaanka. Wuxuu saaran yahay muwaadin kasta oo u dhashay deegaanka, kuwa dalka gudihiisa ku nool (reer guuraaga, tuulo joogta iyo degmooyinkaba) iyo kuwa qurbo-joogta ah ee dibadaha ku nool, labadaba.

Si nabad raagta loo gaadho, dadkuna uu u hiigsado horumar iyo badhaadhe, waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in dhammaan laga wada qayb qaato sugidda ammaanka. Waxaana u soo jeedinayaa shacabka deegaanka tallaabooyinkan soo socda in la qaado:

• Waa in muwaadin kastaa, isagoo naftiisa, dadkiisa iyo dalkiisa u danaynaya, uusan marnaba taageerin af, addin ama dhaqaale urur ama shakhsi nabad-diid ah oo dhib iyo hagardaamo wada;
• Waxaa la yidhi, “Saddaqadu waxay ka billaabataa guriga.” Sidoo kale, nabadduna waxay ka billaabataa guriga. Sidaa darteed, waa in shakhsi kastaa gurigiisa nabad iyo nabad jacayl ka abuuro, wax kasta iyo cid kasta oo carqalad ku ah nabaddana uu iska saaro, kana dheeraado;
• Waa in muwaadin kastaa, qaraabadiisa iyo dariskiisa uu ku waaniyo kuna dhiirigaliyo inay nabadda taageeraan, ciddii nabad-diid ahna iska caabiyaan, af iyo addinba. Haddii aysan awoodi karinna inay iska caabiyaanna, ay wargaliyaan ciidamada ammaanka ee aaggooda ku sugan;
• Waa in muwaadin kastaa uu ka feejignaado khiyaanada iyo dabinnada nabad-diidka iyo shisheeyaha ee la rabo in lagu wiiqo danaha dadkeenna;
• Waa in muwaadin kastaa uu isu xilqaano ka hortagidda iyo beeninta dacaayadda iyo barabagaandhada beenta ah ee nabad-diidka iyo cadaawaha;
• Waa in muwaadiniintu ay isku duubnaadaan, iyagoo kaashanaya dawladoodana, ay si wadajir ah uga hortagaan hujuunkii af iyo addinba ka yimaadda nabad-diidka iyo kuwa cadawga ku ah danahooda.

Assalaamu calaykum.